Sentencing of Michael Williams – Defender Against Anti-Muslim Bigotry on 8/10/12

Greetings to Everyone,

I urge all Muslim activists to attend the sentencing. This is a gross injustice against an innocent Muslim man who did the right thing to protect Muslim women from abuse and is now facing 7 years in prison not because he did something wrong but because the Court and Prosecutor are biased against Muslims. Anyone who is Muslim on this Group should try to be there. He needs our support in what surely is his darkest hour.If you are not Muslim I urge you to show solidarity with the Muslim Community against this blatant injustice.

Anyone who wants to attend please contact me. The sentencing is this Friday, August 10th, at 9:30am at 111 Centre Street, Room 631 Part 48, NYC. We can meet at Journal Square and go as a group.

Migna Khan
Executive Director
Advocates for Peace and Social Justice
Post Office Box # 3901
West New York, New Jersey  07093-9991


3 thoughts on “Sentencing of Michael Williams – Defender Against Anti-Muslim Bigotry on 8/10/12

  1. I had the privilege to converse with Michael Williams prior to the Judge entering the Courtroom. He is good man who is concerned about his wife and children. He did nothing wrong. He traveled from Massachusetts to take part in a pro-Palestine rally NYC. While there he witnessed a drunken man harassing and abusing Muslim women. Michael defended the honor of Muslim women on the street. He was not looking to harm the anti-Muslim bigot but the man punched Michael and then self defense kicked in. Every person has the human, divine and legal right of self defense but the Judge and Prosecutor overlooked that completely opting to run a sham of a trial kangaroo court style to get an unjust and unwarranted conviction based in religious bigotry. They victimized Michael Williams with no shame whatsoever. The Judge allowed the Prosecution to introduce irrelevant allegations into the proceeding and to interrogate the witnesses with questions which were irrelevant and geared to Islamophobia.

    This morning Michael Williams was facing a 7 year sentence, which we did know if he would serve in New York City, or Upstate New York. Defense was hoping that the Judge would grant probation with time served or alternately that the sentence be served in NYC (which would have reduced the overall sentence). The Prosecution was looking for a mandatory 5 year sentence.

    More than 30 people turned up at the sentencing. I am sure that played a factor in the sentencing. It was set for 9:30AM then it got delayed to 10:30AM and then again to 11:15AM when we were allowed to enter the Courtroom. We then waited another 15 minutes for the Judge to enter the room. Deep inside me I knew that GOD was at work.

    The Judge sentenced Michael Williams to 90 days jail. Deducting time already served his sentence will be 60 days long. He was ordered to undergo anger management therapy and report to the Court when it was done and pay $2200 compensation.

    Defense counsel Lamis Deek is already seeking Michael’s release pending appeal. Michael is blessed to have a defense team that truly went beyond the mark for him.

    While I feel that the sentence was unjust I must thank GOD for creating the miracle of not letting the Judge sentence Michael Williams to 5-7 years in prison. I have great faith that GOD will turn this situation around and Michael will be a cleared man.

    In the days to come those present will organize and submit details about how we will support Michael in his hour of need in jail and ways to raise funds for appeal, get main stream media press coverage and various ways to make loud noise about this INJUSTICE. I will keep you posted as events transpire.

    Much to my displeasure CAIR (Council on Islamic American Relations) did NOT send anyone to cover the proceedings. I have still not heard back from their attorney.


    Migna Khan
    Executive Director
    Advocates for Peace and Social Justice
    6900 Park Avenue – # 3901
    West New York, New Jersey 07093

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