Dear Friends and Comrades,

This afternoon I had the pleasure of taking part in a protest against Wells Fargo Bank at Jersey City’s Journal Square. A few strong activists made the big bank so nervous that the bank’s manager called the police and then things got interesting. The approach was best described as “friendly intimidation”. We were asked if had a “permit” to protest on the street to which several of us answered that “We the People” don’t need to ask permission to assemble peacefully on the street to air our grievances against the powers that be given that the Constitution gives us the 1st Amendment which gives us the right to protest. That information prompted one officer to call his superior to come down to the scene.

While the call was being made we continued to chant “Shame on Wells Fargo! Stop the financial terrorism! The banks got bailed out we got sold out! Give Susie Johnson back her home.”  We also chanted “No justice-no peace…Jail the bankers” and “stand against the banks – stop them for evicting families.”

A conversation continued with the police where they advised us that we were blocking the human traffic so we positioned ourselves in strategic spots around the bank entrance and continued to protest. Then the “boss” arrived and eventually made his way into the bank to report to bank manager. Several minutes later he came out and stood by the secondary entrance to the bank while employees exited. While he was there he heard more rants of protest leveled at Wells Fargo.

It was an interesting afternoon for Wells Fargo. I am sure that the call was placed to Stump’s office to let him know that the Journal Square branch was the target of a loud protest.Surely he must have been told that the activists called him a financial terrorist that should be brought to account. Oh! I am sure he heard about that.

Good Lord! I had a great time chanting. I find it very therapeutic to insult fascist banks who create mortgages and debt out of thin air and then charge people outrageous rates of interests (for borrowing money that never existed in the first place) and then add insult to injury by foreclosing, evicting and dispossessing the very homeowners who poured their sweat, blood and tears into paying mortgages for decades without any mercy whatsoever. It is unconscienable that fascist banks get bailed out and “We the People” get the shaft each and every time.

For your information, Mr. Stump made 9 billion dollars from fraudulent mortgages off of the blood, sweat and tears of the poor working class. Not satisfied with that Wells Fargo went crying “woe is me” to our fascist government and received a bail out (which was not used to help the homeowners) and continues to evict and dispossess the homeowners of America. Actually terrorizing the poor working folk and the elderly with evictions that have the sole aim to grab property which they will resell and remortgage ad nauseum thereby enabling them to make more billions at the cost of human misery and creating a tsunami of homeless people.

Susie Johnson is an 80 year old woman who suffers from dementia on a wheelchair. In her case the bank foreclosed illegally claiming that payments were missing (which was not true). Be that as it may, 80 year old Susie Johnson was thrown out into the street. All of the household contents were confiscated and then were subsequently destroyed, at whim, by the bank. If the courts weren’t cow towing to the fascists the Sherriff would have had to account for wrongful eviction. Yet, we dare not hold our breath waiting for that. She has been left more compromised healthwise from this ordeal. All of her belongings (including clothes) are gone forever. Where is the justice?

A lawsuit has been filed by her daughter against Wells Fargo the status of which is still unknown. We do hope that continued protests will turn the tide in favor of Susie Johnson. Below you will find some photographs of the event.

Migna Khan
Executive Director
Advocates for Peace and Social Justice

Click on link below to see the video of the Jersey City Police harassing protesters at this event.  Photographs are found below the link.


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  1. Thank you Migna for being such a strong person. I am often frustrated and exhausted when getting to these banks because I have been doing it for so many years but when I saw you and saw how energetic you were, I became encouraged and felt confident that I could make it through this day. Being the sole caregiver for my mother is a 24 hour thing (never a job) and it is taking my all to stay focused and stay on these banks. Yes, court documents have been filed and we are waiting for dates for a jury trial. What is most important in this case is that these banks foreclosed on a property that they had no right to because they did not own it at that time and dime to a dollar they did not know where the deed and note were. So it appears that they created it out of thin air and the law firm that handled their foreclosures was fined 125,000.00 in 2006 for just this type of fraud. Yet, no one was prosecuted for stealing homes that were paid for with blood, sweat, and tears by homebuyers, many of whom were first time home buyers. My mother’s individual case was reported to the AG’s office in 2012 and nothing was done so right now, there is a call in to Eric Holder’s office demanded that he prosecute the banks that illegally evicted my mother, an 80 year old woman who is disabled and has just given up. I have never seen her like this before and she says that in a matter of hours she lost everything she has known for almost 30 years. She just wants to go back to the home that she was faithfully paying for until WaMu said that she was in arrears. Receipts were provided but that did not stop the courts from allowing the foreclosure to complete. To add insult to injury, the judges never even bothered to look at the receipts which would have stopped this madness 12 YEARS AGO! In essence, My mother has been being terrorized for 12 years by Wells Fargo, JP Morgan Chase, MassMutual, HUD (who bought the house that they initially helped her get in 2010), and Shapiro and Denardo, Perez, Diaz. This is domestic terrorism at it’s best and the US government is allowing it to happen so that these low lifes don’t lose their pensions and the economy collapses because of their criminal wrong doings. THESE BASTARDS HAVE CRASHED THE ECONOMY AND ARE WILLING TO DESTROY LOW INCOME HUMANS SO THAT THE ALMIGHTY DOLLAR CAN BE GAINED.

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