This is the third week in a row that Susie Johnson’s daughter -Cynthia Johnson- and I paid a visit to criminal bankster CEO John Stumpf’s Wells Fargo branch at Jersey City’s Journal Square. Each time we go we see the bank get nervous and hide behind the Jersey City Police. This week he was already inside the bank when we arrived waiting for the women who call Stumpf a “financial terrrorist” to make their presence known. By this point, Stumpf has to have a dossier of us as he went through the trouble of hiring a private detective to take photos of us from across the street. We smiled for the camera. LOL!

When you scroll down to the photographs you will notice a police officer who approached us today advising that we were “causing a disturbance” because he could her us chanting inside the bank. It took all I had to hold back from really letting the man get a dose of reality. He got on my last nerve. I imagine that it must have been a huge shock for him to see a woman in a hijab protesting loudly on the street. I could read that in his face. LOL! I think it freaked him out that a Muslim woman would be quoting the Constitution with a serious look in her face. Nevertheless, I managed to keep it together and my partner Cynthia was able to put water on that fire. The conversation ended with him saying he would put cotton in his ears. Nevertheless, what he attempted to do was to softly intimidate and suppress the expression of “We the People” but we were not intimidated or shaken in the least. The truth will not be silenced. I know that he was sent by the Administration of Jersey City to defend the big bank against the expression of truth.

You would think that would have been the end of the matter but, apparently, the man in blue sporting a badge and gun called for backup. A few minutes later we notices an unmarked vehicle right behind us with one cop in uniform and another out of uniform. They were met by the Jersey City cop that approached us. It happened so quickly I was not able to take a photo. They spoke and the vehicle left the seen only to be replaced by a police car parked on the opposite side of the street (by the taxi stand). I was able to photograph the car and the official who stepped out, crossed the street and went inside the bank. Several minutes later the police supervisor left the bank and thereafter the bulldog inside the bank was at ease.

At this point I will make one thing clear. What was happening on the street was NONE of his business. If we had been inside the bank protesting it would have been a different story but, that was not the case. What we were saying outside on the street was our right to say by the First Amendment. It was a peaceful assembly on a PUBLIC street of citizens airing their grievances against a financial terrorist who is ripping off Americans unashamedly. If there are members of the police reading this account I want to remind them that the banks are using them to bully “We the People” and that they should learn to not obey UNCONSTITUTIONAL ordinances created by crooked/corrupted politicians who, one day, will have to account to “We the People”. I strongly urge the police force to stop aggressing, harassing and interfering with the business of “We the People” and start abiding by the Constitution and the rule of law. It is shameful that Jersey City has fallen to fascist tyranny ever since the poster boy for Goldman Sach’s “Fulop” was elected Mayor. He should be impeached for obstructing the business of “We the People”. Everything disgusting in Jersey City goes back to him. He is a “little” tyrant drunk on a power trip because Jersey City is now a military fortress armed to the teeth but many have fallen from that mountain top. SHAME ON FULOP!!

What happens to us every time we visit Wells Fargo Bank demonstrates that “We the People” make the fascist nervous. We are proud of this reality and will not relent in our exercise of the First Amendment. People of conscience in all of Hudson County should rise against the fascist tyranny festering in Jersey City,


Migna Khan
Executive Director
Advocates for Peace and Social Justice

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This is the officer that was surfaced from inside the bank to tell us we were causing a "disturbance".

This is the officer that was surfaced from inside the bank to tell us we were causing a “disturbance”.

This is police car that was observing us from across the street.

This is police car that was observing us from across the street.

Here is the police supervisor that was in the police car across the street from the bank

Here is the police supervisor that was in the police car across the street from the bank

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