Violence Against Women in Pakistan

It is very sad that a country which is 100% Muslim should be so far away from Islam. The right of women to inherit in Islam is an undeniable right. No man can deprive or cheat a woman from her rightful inheritance yet it seems to be the practice in Pakistan. In Islam men do NOT have the right to abuse their women and to do so is a big sin in the eyes of GOD. Under Islam women have the right to an education. The Prophet Muhammad(sws) said that every Muslim (male and female) should seek knowledge. His wife, Aeisha, was a learned woman. Men were instructed to take their religion from Aeisha. She created the first Academy for children (boys and girls) to teach them how to read and write and many other subjects.  

It is shameful to me, as a Muslim, to have to write these words but the truth must not be kept hidden. Pakistan, in its present state, has fallen far from being Islamic. The Prophet Muhammad(sws) instructed men to be good and kind to their women and refrain from beating them. In fact, the Prophet(sws) said that those men who beat women are the worst of Muslims. Islam gives women the right to a dowry. It is her property and the man cannot touch the dowry without her permission and he cannot force her to relinquish her dowry under any circumstances. The Prophet(sws) was kind and gentle to women and championed their rights at a time in history where women were chattel. Shamefully his instruction and example have been ignored and replaced with pagan violence against women.

Having made the above point I must inform non-Muslims to NOT judge Islam by the un-Islamic behavior of those who who dress as Muslims yet practice paganism in their daily life. Much of this mayhem and heinousness is attributable to the West which has caused enormous damage to the Muslim world by inserting FAKE Imams to misguide the ignorant concerning their own religion. Everything that you see and hear in the video above is the extreme opposite of Islam. If ever you see a Muslim man abusing a woman do NOT blame Islam – blame him for not following his own religion properly. Shamefully, to date, ALL of the Muslim nations have FAILED to adhere to the teachings of Islam regarding women. 

I must also inform Non-Muslims that violence against women is rampant the world over so Muslim nations must NOT be pointed to as a target for criticism. The problem is global and it must be eradicated globally. Women in the West are beaten and abused just as badly as women in Pakistan or any other Muslim country.  I advise non-Muslims to deal with their own violence against women problem in their back yard before they use any Muslim nation as an example of violence against women.

Migna Khan
Executive Director
Advocates for Peace and Social Justice

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