by Ibrahim Ebeid on 12-01-2014


The media are deceiving the majority of the American people and keeping them blindfolded, in the dark, and ignorant.


Once I talked to a Palestinian friend who was born and raised in Iraq; I have had a close relation with his family since the early 1970s, he told me, in a telephone conversation, that his son was injured by a bomb when he was coming out of a  mosque located near their house. The young man was seriously hurt, fragments are still in his lower back and in his legs, he is disabled and cannot walk. The bombing was in fact act of the terrorists, of the Mahdi army, which its leaders are part of the sectarian government that the United States created. Another son faced a kidnapping attempt but fortunately the attempt was foiled by the Resistance.

The man and his family left Iraq after the sectarian militia evicted them from their home in Za’faranieh, a section of Baghdad, now they are living in exile. The man, whom I call Abu Mahmud for safety reasons, told me that there is no place safe in Iraq. The neighborhoods in Baghdad are surrounded by walls, people cannot venture outside, they are prisoners between walls, some of the children stopped going to schools, especially when schools are in another area, and they live in constant fear. Darkness is the only companion they have at night: no television, no water to wash or drink for most of the day (except for contaminated water). The physical liquidations and assassinations are on the rise these days in the Iraq of “American Democracy.” Those who are opposing the occupation and Iranian interference in Iraq are open target. This was confirmed to me by Abu Mahmud.

“Bombing returned to the streets at a high level and the target is the innocent people,” my friend, Abu Mahmud, told me. He added, “The people of Iraq know that these criminal acts are the work of Maliki and the sectarian forces that he commands, certainly, not the Resistance. The Resistance is protecting the people and does not put bombs in mosques or churches, the Resistance does not target public places or innocent people.” said my friend.

Most of the American people are in the dark ,there is no doubt that, beside the media, the US political parties, Republicans and Democrats, failed to tell the American people that the war and the invasion of Iraq were not a mistake or Democracy: they were planned for from the time of President Reagan and Margaret Thatcher, the Prime Minster of the United Kingdom, under false pretence.

Both parties ignore the fact that about one-and-a-half million Iraqis died since the invasion and they are still dying, more than half a million children, under the age of 5 were perished in the first six months of the deadly blockade unjustly imposed upon Iraq in 1991, Secretary of State, Madeline Albright, said the price is worth it. Iraqi children are worthless according to her and the United States officials. The American politicians  only recognize their own financial losses and the American soldiers killed in action, and they ignore the Iraqis killed and the complete destruction of Iraq and its institutions.

Since the occupation in 2003, the Iraqis are fighting to liberate Iraq, and  the US Media never tell us anything about the Baath and the National Resistance, they only tell us distorted facts and lies. The media are deceiving the majority of the American people  and keeping them blindfolded, in the dark, and ignorant.

Are the Media controlled by certain power of interest, such as the Zionist Lobby  and cannot have a mind of their own? Being a US citizen, from Palestinian background,  who is well aware of what is going on in the “Middle East” I say yes , they are liars and controlled by the Zionist Lobby, by AIPAC that “empowers pro-Israel activities across all ages, religions and races to be politically engaged and build relationships with members of Congress from both sides of the aisle to promote the U.S.-Israel relationship” i.e.it  controls America by controlling the controlling the Congress.

We would like the American people to realize that the Iraqi people and its valiant National Resistance are leading a fierce fight against the destructive forces of betrayal, it is  a massive popular revolt started on the anniversary of Saddam Hussein’s assassination, on the eve of 2014, and the Media did not report any bit of news about it. We know through reports from the people in the battlefield  that the fighters are doing very well in several Provinces, they liberated several towns and captured many soldiers, including Iranian members of sectarian militias, many equipments , arms, tanks and military vehicles. The soldiers who were captured were treated well by the Resistance and the tribes, they were given the  chance to return to their families under the condition not to return to the militias of Maliki, and if they do, they will have no chance to stay alive, if they were captured again. The battles, according to what we hear are closing to Saddam International Airport and to the outskirts of Baghdad . The news Media in the West, and especially in the United States, are ignoring the Great Armed Revolt in Iraq, and now, as usual, they say it is the Al- Qaeda  and the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria are behind the unrest.  They ignore the people of Fallujah , Ramadi and Anbar, Mosul, Tikreet and the rest of the Provinces who resorted to arms after peaceful resistance failed. I wonder if everyone in Iraq is Qaeda and terrorist?

The so called expert say that they are very concerned and worried about oil interruption, and they are concerned about ” Israel” if Al Qaeda triumph in Iraq . To the Media I say, are you blind? Don’t  you see people there? Don’t you  see the  popular revolt ?  Why don’t you send your reporters to the Battle field, to see the facts and report them directly to us, instead of reporting from a five star hotel in Beirut, Istanbul and Tel Aviv? I am sure if you send your correspondents to the battle field and mix with the people and fighters on the ground, you will be well received if you are not spies.

Finally, Where are  the Human Rights Organizations, the Progressive Movements, the Anti War Movements and people of goodwill in the West?  Why they do not come to their sense and support the Iraqi people to achieve their dream in liberating their country from foreign occupation?

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