An Important Report on Iraqi Prisons and Detainees- 12/30/12

An Important Report on Iraqi Prisons and Detainees
By Ibrahim Ebeid

South Liberation Movement of Iraq through its Human Rights Office issued its annual report for the year 2012. We thank Dr.Abdul Hussein Abbas , an Iraqi professor and activist who lives in exile for sending us the report in Arabic. The Iraq Palestine Committee took the highlights of this report to let the West and Human Rights Organization know about the inhumane situation and the suffering of the Iraqi people under Occupation and sectarian regime installed by the United States and Iran.

Mr. Awad Abdan Chairman of the Movement for the Liberation of the South supervised the report, in the introduction he stated: We are attempting through this report to make some efforts to highlight several facts about Iraqi prisons which we call “Holocaust” or “corridors of executions”, in this research we introduce to you the names of these prisons and population and reveal their locations and most importantly give the figures for the imprisoned. According to the report, Human Rights Organizations do not know how many secret jails are in Iraq and do not know their locations or what is happening inside these notorious jails . There are many jails in Iraq some are still under the US occupation Forces and some are under the Ministry of interior or under the various militias of the sectarian parties or under the militia under Iran inside Iraq.

Torture to death
Many prisoners and detainees were brutally tortured and violently beaten to death, for instance, Ba’ath Ali Abdullah, a young man, a prisoner in Al Taji prison; he was exposed to torture many times and without any reason except for his name which was not liked by his jailers. He was frail and very sick with high blood pressure and ulcers in the stomach, beside the torture he was succumbed to , he was prevented from taking any treatment or medicine. One day he asked the jailers for treatment, they took him out of his cell, and subjected him to brutal violence, electric shocks until he dropped dead. This crime took place recently. His story is well known to the Iraqis, an hour after he was murdered, the prison administration spread a rumor that he died from cardiac arrest. His body was released three days later after his parents were forced to sign a paper that he died of the stated reason and not by torture. The wife of victim told the Human Rights Office of the Liberation Movement that a gang of the sectarian army harassed her and her children and the women who were giving condolences to her; she stated also that she is afraid for her life and for her children, and she wants to leave the house.

Al-Taji Prison, a notorious one
A Sample of Prisoners
1963 Officer from the rank of Lieutenant to Brigade General
289 Doctors
484 Engineers
187 Pilots, some of them participated in the Iran war
181 Scientists & Chemists
578Computer Scientists
852 Teachers
205 Lawyers
197 Druggists
93 university professors
64 Directors of government departments
1163 Islamist university graduates
The total number of 6258 (93%) of these graduates are Sunni Muslims

An estimated number of detainees in the prisons of the Ministry of Justice Number
Notorious Abu Ghraib prison 3571
Taji prison 6282
Tasfirat Baghdad Prison 1178
Baghdad airport prison (Cropper) 4331
Nasiriyah prison 1187
Badoosh prison 1628
Jumjuman Prison 3123
Sousse Prison 2178
Diyala prison 1429
Salah eldin prison 1979
Prisons of Mosul 1758
Prisons of Anbar 2936
The total number of all prisons 31310

Prisoners in interrogation centers
Baghdad Brigade 120
Military Intelligence 320
Iraqi Intelligence 220
Brigade 54 — 130
Fifth Division 315
Division 56– 155
Internal intelligence 210
Sixth Division 80
Amiriya 300
Amil 260
Al Dorah 205
Interrogation department of Anbar 500
Interrogation department Diyala 850
Interrogation departments of Salahuddin 210
Interrogation departments of Mosul, 270
Interrogation departments of Karbala 50
17 Investigation Department of Najaf 35
18 Interrogation department of Basra 27
Total 4257

Due to the secrecy and the blackout of the Media in Iraq no Human rights organization knows the number of prisons in Iraq, and we do not know the exact number of prisoners. There are a large number of Sectarian Militia prisons beside the occupation prisons; the above statistic is a drop in the bucket.

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