Documentary: The Spies Who Fooled the World

“On the 10th anniversary of the start of the 2003 invasion of Iraq, there is virtually a universal opinion that the war was wrong. But, those who perpetrated it are being excused by those who say they were misled with faulty intelligence. This attitude is preposterous and shameful. In fact, various intelligence agencies gave real facts that were ignored and gave reports in which they said the intelligence was dubious, yet Blair, Bush and Powell willingly used the horseshit information. This documentary came out a couple of days ago in Britain. In it, various sources within the CIA and MI6 say the same thing: Bush, Blair and Powell lied like shit and knew they were lying. This is a profound piece of journalism, the only drawback having to watch Stepinfetchit Powell’s address to the UN. It still makes me want to puke. And, all three criminals have made tons of money off their books. Talk about injustice.” — Malcom Lagauche (Investigative Journalist and Iraq History Expert)

“The trail of lies all lead back to Bush, Bliar, Powell, Pearl, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Rice and all in the Administrations of Bush 42 and his psychopathic son G.W. Bush. If true justice is to be done in regards to the ILLEGAL invasion/occupation of Iraq these elite criminals must be brought to justice for their treason against their nation as well as war crimes and crimes against humanity. The lies were being circulated like tsunamis  They targeted the legitimate leadership of Iraq. The lie spun against Naji Sabri was vile and without basis. A pure lie invented to turn the leadership of Iraq against itself which ended in failure. Naji Sabri is a loyal Iraqi who did not betray his nation. 

The traitor Rafed Al Janabi should be prosecuted for his crimes against the Iraqi People. It is my hope that when the legitimate government of Iraq reclaims the nation there will be trials against all the traitors who invented lies that led to the deaths of Iraqis and to the ILLEGAL invasion/occupation of the nation. Justice must be done.

– Migna Khan (Executive Director of Advocates for Peace and Social Justice) 

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