Ibrahim Ebeid: A Hasty Report on the Revolt in Iraq 12/28/12

To the Media
A hasty Report on the Revolt in Iraq
Ibrahim Ebeid December 28, 2012

Iraqi Flag with the three stars, the Flag of Saddam Hussein, is flying again in Iraq. The gallant people who reject all what occupation brought to Iraq are determined to end to the sectarian government and the sectarian parties who were pillaging and destroying Iraq for a decade. The rebellion in Iraq is spreading. No Sunni, no Shii, the people are chanting, we are all Iraqis. Iran out of Iraq and down with all who came with the occupation. Down with Maliki and the traitors.

The revolt comprises people from every stratum and from all the fabric of Iraq, the people are in rebellion and they are determined to expel Maliki and his cronies. Iraq must be liberated and free from those who rape our women, daughters and wives who were put in jails for this purpose chant the people.

Huge groups from South Iraq are pouring into Anbar, the Arab tribes from the South also and 20 buses came from Basrah alone, from Abou Ghoraib and from many parts in the land. The Liberation Movement of the South and the Iraqi Sport Union are also part of the Rebellion, Banners are all over. Huge demonstrations in Mosul , some clashes were reported with the so called federal police but the people rippled them and after the incident more people joined. This is a hasty report; I will post more news as soon as I prepare them. The Arab Southern tribe warned Maliki , if he uses force against the people, the tribes will distribute guns to the people to defend themselves. The Iraqi people are joining the National Resistance , they are part of it.

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