Ibrahim Ebeid: A New Stage of Occupation Camouflaged

A New Stage of Occupation Camouflaged
Ibrahim Ebeid, June 2004

The head of the kangaroo court that was set up by the Occupation is not legitimate. He is the nephew of Ahmad Chalabi that was used by the Bush Administration and the Pentagon to mislead the US Congress and the American people for the invasion and destruction of Iraq. According to Counterpunch columnist Dave Lindorff, the problem with Salem’s heading the Hussein tribunal isn’t “just that his uncle is Ahmed Chalabi.. Salem himself is linked directly to the Bush administration. His business partner Mark Zell runs a law firm in partnership with U.S. Undersecretary of Defense and long-time neo-conservative Iraqi War hawk Douglas Jay Feith – whose office oversees the graft and scandal-ridden reconstruction program in Iraq.” . Mark Zell is a fervent Zionist who has an office in Jerusalem.

The Iraqi people realized that the trial of their Leader is directed against them, against their sovereignty and against the Arab Nation. Many Iraqis were enraged and angered to see their leader in this situation. Mr. Ahmad Abdallah a resident of Athamyiah , a borough of Baghdad said “I do not know why they are trying Mr. Saddam Hussein. . He is not guilty. He has done nothing wrong. If we have the power in our hands we will restore him as our president immediately and without any hesitation.” Yes Mr.Abdallah, the Power is in your hands, the legitimate resistance will restore the leadership of Iraq and Iraq will be free again.

Mohammad Sammaraai summed it all when he said “Saddam is being punished by the Americans because he stood up against their greed and challenged their aggression. We had better living under Saddam than we have now.” He added that ‘Saddam was part of our life for 25 years and he will be in our hearts forever.

1 thought on “Ibrahim Ebeid: A New Stage of Occupation Camouflaged

  1. The TRUTH needs to be made know. Saddam Hussein was NONE of the things that the Zionist Nazis claimed him to be. He is still loved by his People who are fighting to reclaim Iraq from the hands of the ZioNazi fascists that ILLEGALLY invaded, occupied and are responsible for the genocide of hundreds of thousands of Iraqi men, women and children. They want to repeat the war crime in Syria. They have failed in Iraq and they will fail in Syria.

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