Ibrahim Ebeid: America the Duped and Misled

America The Duped And Misled
Ibrahim Ebeid

February 3, 2004

George Bush’s former treasury secretary Paul O’Neill revealed that the president took office fully intending to invade Iraq. In January and February of 2001 , at the first meetings of the National Security Council, Bush asked his advisors to find a pretext. “It was all about finding a way to do it,” ‘That was the tone of it. The president saying ‘Go find me a way to do this.'” (Interview, CBS News,1 /11/04)

The claim that Iraq has weapons of mass destruction were mere lies fabricated by the Bush Administration and his Zionist allies to create havoc and fear among the American people in order to help Bush secure a second term in power.
Weapons of mass destructions exist in the United States, Russia, United Kingdom, China, Israel and other countries who have close ties with Washington and the Zionist allies. It is permissible for these states to have such weapons for various reasons such as to “defend” the “Civilized World’ from the danger of the so called rogue regimes and nations who dare to say No to Anglo-American-Zionist domination.

The weapons of ‘mass destructions” that the Zionist American Alliance claim that some Arab and Muslim states have are of non existence, if they do, they have no significance, they do not exceed a drop in a bucket comparing to what the Zionist entity has. None of the Arab or Muslim States ever used any of these weapons against any other nation at a large scale, as the American did in Japan in 1945 or in Vietnam, Iraq and the Balkans. The cities of Nagasaki and Hiroshima were completely destroyed and more than half a million Japanese died at once. Thousands of tons of depleted uranium were used in the Balkans and in Iraq where the environment, land and water were polluted and poisoned. Its effect killed and still is killing people, plants and animals for years to come. American and Coalition soldiers did not escape the epidemic of these terrible weapons. The soldiers are still suffering from what is known as the Gulf Syndrome.

Mr. Bush always avoids mentioning the weapons of mass destruction arsenal that Israel has. He does not dare to demand disarming the Zionist entity from its deadly and threatening arsenal, while he continuously keeps threatening the Palestinian freedom fighters and portraying them as “terrorists’.

The Washington Post published an extensive front-page report that “Iraq’s arsenal was only on paper.” Since the first Gulf War, illegal weapons “never got past the planning stage.” (WP,1 /07/04)

The Carnegie Endowment for International Peace stated, in a study released few weeks ago that “administration officials systematically misrepresented the threat from Iraq’s WMD and ballistic missile program” by treating possibilities as fact and “misrepresenting inspectors’ findings in ways that turned threats from minor to dire.” (Boston Globe,1 /09/04)

It took David Kay and his team nine months to search for weapons of mass destructions and a budget of $ 600million. Like the United Nations inspectors before him he failed to find any.

Last week Mr. David Kay resigned his post and testified that everyone involved was duped under false intelligence and everyone “was wrong including himself.” The allegation that Iraq has large stocks of weapons of mass destruction was proven to be wrong. No such weapons were found.

The evidence that weapons inspectors in Iraq found was that President Saddam Hussein’s regime quietly destroyed stockpiles of biological and chemical weapons in the mid-1990s, according to former chief inspector David Kay.

Iraq had always maintained that it had destroyed all these weapons and it had no weapons of mass destructions in its arsenal. It opened the entire country for the inspectors who at many instances violated the sovereignty of Iraq for the benefits of the Zionist entity, Israel.
President George W. Bush and his allies must be responsible for the destruction of the State of Iraq, its institutions, its wealth and economy. Above all they must be accountable for the death of many innocent Iraqis and for the death of the American soldiers who were forced to sacrifice their lives for the coffers of Halliburton and Corporate America.
Howard Dean, a prominent candidate, from the Democratic Party was part of the evil process that was created on false pretences. “Those of us who, over the past 6 months, have expressed deep concerns about this President’s management of the crisis, mistreatment of our allies and misconstruction of international law, have never been in doubt about the evil of Saddam Hussein or the necessity of removing his weapons of mass destruction.”

John Kerry, a Democrat, who might be the presidential nominee for President also was “misled” and voted for the war of aggression and occupation of Iraq “Why is Saddam Hussein attempting to develop nuclear weapons when most nations don’t even try? According to intelligence, Iraq has chemical and biological weapons… Iraq is developing unmanned aerial vehicles capable of delivering chemical and biological warfare agents…”
Wesley Clark was not any better; he also supported the Administration’s war of aggression on Iraq “He [President Hussein] does have weapons of mass destruction.”
When asked, “And you could say that categorically?” Clark responded:”Absolutely.” (On CNN, Jan.18 ,2003 ). On finding the alleged weapons Clark said: “I think they will be found. There’s so much intelligence on this.”

The American people must wake up before it is too late. They must come to conclusion that politicians on both sides of the isle, including the presidential candidates and their country erred drastically. The United States is being led to economical and political catastrophes. Change of regime is needed, not just change of Presidents and Administrations. Change of attitude and morals must take place soon in order for America to be accepted amiably in the World. America needs leaders who are not easily misled and duped in dragging the country to savage wars for the interests of Corporate America.
American troops must be withdrawn, unconditionally and immediately, from Iraq and from all bases of aggression around the World. They must return home to build America for the benefits of the people, not for the benefit of Halliburton and Company.
Iraqi prisoners of war must be freed to resume building Iraq economically, politically and to restore law, order and security.

The United States and its allies must compensate Iraq for the destruction and killings that they have caused.

Those who were behind the aggression must be accountable and must face an International Court for war crimes committed against Iraq.

Zionist atrocities dependent on US support against the Palestinians must come to an end.
Palestinians must return to their homes and a Palestinian state must be established in historic Palestine, between the Mediterranean Sea and the Jordan River.

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