Ibrahim Ebeid: An Open Letter to United for Peace and Justice 3/10/13

From my memoires
An Open Letter to United For Peace and Justice
Ibrahim Ebeid, Al-Moharer.net

July 25, 2006

Ms. Leslie Cagan
National Coordinator
United for Peace and Justice

Dear Ms Leslie Cagan,

I was shocked and horrified to learn that your movement is recognizing the sectarian regime of Al-Maliki. Al Maliki and his colleagues came on the invading tanks and under the protection of the occupying forces and his government was appointed by George W. Bush. His hands and the hands of his master are drenched with the blood of the Iraqis. He spent decades plotting to destroy Iraq and to topple its legal government to be replaced by a sectarian racist one.
A movement that is requesting a meeting with such a man is not a movement for peace and justice. A movement for peace would support the Iraqi National Resistance as the only representative of the people of Iraq.

Al-Maliki and his group do not represent the Iraqi people. And they are not well-liked in Iraq. They live apart from the Iraqi people and they do not venture beyond the so-called Green Zone. They are protected by 200,000 foreign troops who are terrorizing the Iraqi people and you are recognizing such a man and such a government? Isn’t that recognition of occupation and sectarianism? If this man or any of his followers venture outside the Green Zone they would be dragged in the streets until death.

Real peace comes when your movement takes a clear and a courageous stand in supporting the following principles for peace, issued by the Resistance:
Recognizing The National Resistance as the sole representative of the Iraqi people.

The invading forces must withdraw from Iraq, all parts of Iraq immediately and unconditionally.

Before talking about peace, all forms of oppressions, persecutions, killings, destruction, kidnapping and ethnic cleansings and expulsion by the sectarian militias and occupation forces must stop.

All prisoners of war, and jailed detainees must be released, with no exception.
The Iraqi armed forces and security forces must be reinstated as they were before the invasion.

All the laws that were issued by the occupation must be annulled and all ordinances of the jailed legal government must be restored.
The integrity and the identity of Iraq and its people must be protected.
The Iraqi people must be compensated for all the injuries and the harm they suffered as the result of occupation.

Iraq must be fully compensated for all the destruction that the invaders caused to its economy and infrastructure.

Without these conditions, there will be no peace according to the National Resistance statements.

No Ms. Cagan, I will not contribute one penny for an ad in an Iraqi newspaper in which you beg to meet with such a criminal and a traitor. Instead of wasting money and energy on such an act, you should call for a demonstration in support of the legitimate demands of the Iraqi people and the Iraqi National Resistance.

Hope to hear from you.

For the liberation of Iraq
Ibrahim Ebeid
July 24, 2006

CC Al-Moharer.net

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