Ibrahim Ebeid: Appeal to Women Organizations

Ibrahim Ebeid

Women of the world, help your Iraqi sisters

We appeal to all women organizations in the world to help their sisters in Iraqi jails. They are being arrested on false chargers raped and tortured while Iraqi officials deny charges, they accuse Iraqi women detainees of being prostitutes.

A sectarian lawmaker, a member of the so called Parliamentary Human Rights Committee, accuses detained women of prostitution and sexual lust, MP Ali Shiber is also a member of the Iranian citizen Bayan Jabr Solagh block . This is not rape because the women exposed themselves to the police, this is consensual he said.

Before the occupation, Iraq had a secular regime; Iraq was the most advanced in the area. It was the center of progress and advancement, women were more advanced, they enjoyed equal rights, and they were doctors, engineers, scientists and so on. Now Iraq is under sectarian regime, the status of women is diminished.

One of the reasons the revolt is taking place is for the women who are mistreated and raped. Rape is a crime that should not be overlooked. Act now, do something about it, do not be silent.

Iraq Palestine Committee

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