From my memoirs- archives
Ibrahim Ebeid Oct 9, 2004

Since 1917 when the Sykes-Picot treaty was signed among the Western Imperialists ripping apart the Arab World, and since the Balfour Declaration that separated Palestine from Syria, granting it to the Zionists, the West did not stop conspiring to find ways and means to keep the Arabs fragmented and their homeland divided into more mini states.
Now Iraq is under occupation and its neighbors are taking part with the American Zionist forces to change the face of Iraq and its character. The tragedy of Palestine is being repeated in Iraq in partnership with the Arab league and some Islamic countries.
As a result of pressure by the United States the Arab League recognized the Allawi appointed government. By recognizing and supporting such government the members of the League gave an official “Arab” legitimacy and support to the occupation of Iraq.
The “Arab” League knows very well that the fight between the Iraqi people and its liberation forces against the invaders is still going strong and is gaining strength by the day. They know that all of the Iraqi districts except the North are under the control of the Resistance, including Baghdad itself. Unfortunately they chose to join the other trench and became part of the occupation.

The parties who came under the protection of the invading tanks and were appointed in the occupation government are now cooperating and coordinating with the regime of the mullahs of Iran to facilitate the coming of thousands of Iranians to Iraq. According to the People’s Struggle Movement, Iraqi identification cards and citizenship are being given to these infiltrators and were distributed to settle in the South and in the Center of Iraq. These Iranian infiltrators would be used for the mockery of the “election” that Allawi intends to conduct under the barrel of the guns of the invaders.

A similar operation is taking place in the North. Thousands of Kurds from Iran and Turkey are being brought and settled in the areas dominated by Arabs and Turkmen. The Arabs and Turkmen are being forced to evacuate their homes for the new non-Iraqi settlers; a new Palestine tragedy is being created in Iraq by the help and support of the Zionist intelligence who work closely with Masood Barazani and Jalal Talabani. The invaders, the same invaders, who occupied our homeland and ripped it apart at the onset of last century, created the new tragedy.

We fully understand that the “democratization” of Iraq and the so called “free’ elections are part of the conspiracy to silence the free voice of the Arab homeland and to smother any attempt for genuine liberation and reunification of the Arab people in one single state that stretches from the Arabian Gulf to the Atlantic Ocean. This “democratization” resulted in the complete destruction of the most advanced Arab state that was the hope for our salvation. The Iraqi people are not interested in such “election” because it is for the interest of those who betrayed Iraq, the servants of the Zionist- Imperialist invaders. The Iraqi people are well aware that the conspiracy is to force change the true character of Iraq, especially in the south and in the center for the interests of the Zionist entity and those of Iran and its malicious ambitions in the Gulf area.

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