Ibrahim Ebeid: Iraqi Prisoners Need Your Support


Iraqi Prisoners Need Your Support
By: Ibrahim Ebeid

Amended November 2013 in solidarity to free Iraqi Prisoners

The President of the United States, Barack Hussein Obama is no different from his predecessors, especially when it comes to Palestine and Iraq. When he was running for president he deafened our ears with slogans displaying his opposition to the war. Many believed him and hoped that he would stop the war in Iraq, but slogans were slogans, empty and meaningless, because he chose the way of George W. Bush and widened his wars of terror against Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan and gave his unflagging support to the Zionist entity. His withdrawal from Iraq is no more than redeployment.

George W. Bush handed President Saddam Hussein over to be killed by the pro-Iranian illegitimate government quislings in Baghdad. We know that Iran, through its agents in Iraq, was behind the killing of Saddam and the rest of the Iraq leadership. This was a reward granted to Iran by the United States for the common interests between them to eliminate the leadership of Iraq and the Ba’ath Party which led to the destruction of Iraq.

Again, the same scenario was repeated, this time under President Obama. On July 11, 2010, the US occupying forces handed over 26 prisoners, representing the legitimate Iraqi leadership, to the Maliki government. Among them were Tareq Aziz, the Dean of Arab Diplomats and Hikmat Ibrahim al-Azzawi, one of the brains behind the dynamic Iraq economic development under the leadership of Saddam Hussein, the martyred legitimate President of Iraq. Mr. Tareq Aziz and Hikmat Ibrahim al-Azzawi are very sick and now they are deprived of proper medication. They were transferred from Camp Cropper to Kathimiya prison which is known to Iraqis, since the occupation, as the slaughterhouse where executions and torture take place. Mr. Azzawi died January 27, 2012 in jail denied of medical attention.

According to a statement issued by the Baath Party of Iraq on July 14, 2010, the US occupying forces addressed a letter to the Red Cross informing the Organization that they shall not hand over the prisoners because the Maliki government’s justice minister told the US that his ministry is neither capable of having the prisoners nor guaranteeing their rights. This notorious prison has no healthcare facility or any service of this sort and the Red Cross Organization is not allowed to administrate medicines to the prisoners.

Surrendering prisoners to their vengeful enemies is in violation of the Geneva Convention, and President Obama, as a Commander-in-Chief of the occupation forces, is responsible for the prisoners’ safety and well-being. The American people, the antiwar movement and human rights organizations must act immediately for the release of the Iraqi prisoners otherwise they will be condemned in the annul of history if they fail to do so.

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