Ibrahim Ebeid: Iraqi Resistance being ignored by Western and Arab Media – 1/16/14

Media Committees in defense of Iraq announced:

The eruption of the Iraqi revolution in response to the brutal repression of the Maliki, puppet government, supported and maintained by the US ,and Iran has been largely ignored by Western and Arab media who are complicit in this brutal oppression of the Iraqi people. In fact, Western and Arab official media outlets had been deliberate in falsifying what is taking place. The official Western and Arab media has been portraying what is taking place in Iraq as a fight against terrorism, and not as a just and heroic uprising by the Iraqi people for the liberation of Iraq from Iranian and American direct and indirect occupation. Hence, to counter media sabotage of the Iraqi revolt for liberation of Iraq, the Media Committees in Defense of Iraq have been formed. The main aim of the committees are to present an accurate picture of the struggle of the Iraqi people for liberation from American and Iranian occupation. Another task is to expose the criminal acts being committed onto the Iraqi people who tragically have lost more than 3million Iraqis mostly children, teens, and elderly. Around 7 million Iraqis have now been displaced from their homes, and most Iraqis live with no security and no access to adequate food or medicine. The media committees who represent all Iraqis with their multi-political party affiliations have pledged the following: 1. To expose to the world that what is taking place in Iraq ,in fact, is resistance not terrorism. That the real terrorists are Maliki and his militias who are imprisoning, attacking, and massacring millions of Iraqis. Moreover, this has been taking place while the United Nations and Human Rights organizations have turned a blind eye, and Western and Arab official media have failed to report what is really taking place in Iraq. 2. Liberation and Rule of the People. The media committees are committed to show public opinion that all Iraqis currently involved in the uprising represent the genuine patriotic forces in Iraq who are struggling for the liberation of their country and for instilling a patriotic government that will advance Iraq into the 21 century. 3. Human Solidarity. We want to show that the Iraqi struggle is part of humanity’s common struggle to achieve a world of peace and human brotherhood. 4. Taking the media initiative. The committees will strive to achieve professional media coverage of what is really taking place in Iraq today using social networking tools, and all available means to coordinate its media efforts to expose the truth. 5. Iraqi revolutionary councils. We call upon all revolutionary resistance councils announced in Iraq to provide us with correspondents who will provide live footage from the battlefield , so that we in turn. can disseminate this information to the public. 6. Each media committee in its own country is asked to create its own web-site to expose the current destruction taking place in Iraq because of American and Iranian interference, and to record to public opinion the crimes being committed against the Iraqi people. 7. The media committees pledge to especially focus on countering specific lies being circulated by the Western and Arab official media outlets. Based on all that has been mentioned above the Central Media Committee for the Defense of Iraq is asking all Iraqi, Arab, and foreign media experts to join in its effort from, their own respective locations, to expose the truth of the just and heroic cause of the Iraqi revolution. ———————————————————- A note, thanks to Falastini Moghtatareb for the translation

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