Ibrahim Ebeid: “Islamism” Anglo-American or Safawi Style is Sectarian – 1/20/13

“Islamism” Anglo-American or Safawi Style Is Sectarian
By Ibrahim Ebeid

“Islamism” is the creation of the Anglo-American-Iranian Occupation; it is sectarian and detrimental to Islam’s values, to our character, culture and heritage. It is not part of the Arab character and it is alien to us and will not replace our nationalism that binds us together.

Arab Nationalism existed before the inception of Christianity and Islam and it will continue to exist. It is well rooted and entrenched in us.

Islam was born in an Arab environment. The Holy Quran came to us in Arabic and Prophet Muhammad was an Arab. It came through the Arabs but not for the Arabs alone, it is a universal religion.

Islam motivated the Arabs and helped them to unify their homeland and establish a large State with a very advanced civilization that was very important for the whole World.

Arab nationalism of our modern days is the renewal of Islamic values, and it is humanitarian in its essence and depth. Arabs are very proud of their identity and they are very proud to carry the banner of Islam. We believe that our nationalism without Islam is like the body without a soul.

Islamism, Iranian style or Al-Qaida style or the Anglo- American style will never find a fertile ground in our midst; it is alien to us and to Islam. Islam influenced our nationalism through the ages, and for this reason, our nationalism is humanitarian as well. We do not consider ourselves above other nations but we have our characteristics and our identity that we want to preserve.

Our hope in the Iraqi National Resistance and in the present revolt of the Iraqi people is very great to achieve victory, a victory that will restore dignity, hope and put us closer to liberate Palestine and the entire Arab Homeland.

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