Ibrahim Ebeid: Lest Not forget the lies of Bush the Father


Lest not forget the lies of Bush the Father

Ibrahim Ebeid – English Editor

George Herbert Walker Bush resorted to horrendous lies to justify US aggression against Iraq. The lies were immoral and unprecedented in the annals of mankind. Only a man with no conscience would resort to such act.

In October 1990, a 15-year-old Kuwaiti girl, identified only as Nayirah, appeared in Washington before the House of Representatives’ Human Rights Caucus. She testified that Iraqi soldiers who had invaded Kuwait on August 2nd tore hundreds of babies from hospital incubators and killed them. She claimed to have been a volunteer worker at that maternity hospital. This young girl, later on, was discovered to be the daughter of Saud Nassir Al Sabbah, a member of the ruling family of Kuwait and its ambassador to the United States. Later on the entire World learned that this 15 year old ‘ princess’ was trained and coached by Hill & Knowlton, a public relations firm hired to rally the U.S. populace behind Bush’s policy of going to war.

Bush was quick to adopt Nayirah’s lies at every opportunity that arose. Six times in one month he referred to “312 premature babies at Kuwait City’s maternity hospital who died after Iraqi soldiers stole their incubators and left the infants on the floor,” and of “babies pulled from incubators and scattered like firewood across the floor.”

Bush was able to rally the Congress and the American people behind his wicked plans and was able to start the war of aggression on Iraq that started in 1991 and ended up with the destruction and occupation of that country in April 2003 by his son George W. Bush.

Unfortunately some Congressional leaders and reporters from the US media knew who Nayirah was, but none of them had the courage of sharing that information with Congress or with the American people.

But the truth had to reveal itself. Dr. Mohammed Matar, director of Kuwait’s primary care system, and his wife, Dr. Fayeza Youssef, who ran the obstetrics unit at the maternity hospital said ” there were few if any babies in the incubators at the time of the Iraqi invasion”. Nayirah’s charges, they said, were totally false. “I think it was just something for propaganda,” Dr. Matar said in an ABC-TV News broadcast.

Nayirah was not even in Kuwait, she was with her parents in Washington D.C. and she never worked as a volunteer anywhere in her life. The ruling family of Al Sabbah fled the country weeks before the “invasion. Many of them went to Monte Carlo to gamble wasting millions of dollars.

The claim that satellite photos revealed that Iraq had troops poised to strike Saudi Arabia was also fabricated. Hill & Knowlton was paid $20 million (as reported on “20/20”) for “services rendered.” Citizens for a Free Kuwait, a phony “human rights agency” was set up and funded entirely by Kuwait’s ruling family to promote the family interests in the U.S.

Nassir Al Sabbah became the Minister of Information for the Sabbah family. He continued to expand his lies and claimed that Iraq was trying to assassinate the Former President Bush in Kuwait. This lie prompted President Clinton to bomb Baghdad with hundreds of missiles in 1998.

These above mentioned lies were the justifications behind the destruction of Iraq that started by the Bush Family of the United States and continued by President Obama and Iran.


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