Ibrahim Ebeid: Letter from Naji Sabri



Former Foreign Minister of the Republic of Iraq

This document is taken from an article written by Mustafa Kamel in Wijhat Nathar, the writer included a letter from Dr. Naji Sabri al-Hadithi to the BBC exposing the lies and distortion about the criminal war against Iraq. We put his document to those who are interested to have the right information.
Ibrahim Ebeid

Mr. Alys Cummings, Panorama, BBC
In reply to your request, I attach my comment on the reference to me at your program on the 10th anniversary of US-UK illegal war on my country. I hope you give my comment a sufficient space to let your viewers know the reality about this false allegation. If you have further inquiries, please let me know.

Dr. Naji Sabri al-Hadithi
Foreign Minister of the Republic of Iraq
Before US-UK Invasion and Occupation
Feb 24, 2013

Comment by
Dr. Naji Sabri al-Hadithi,
Foreign Minister of the Republic of Iraq
Before US-UK Invasion and Occupation
on Allegations in Panorama Program

In marking the 10th anniversary of war on Iraq, which was based on lies, it’s unfortunate that BBC gives space to yet another lie cooked up by the same US fabrication machine.
US authorities have already admitted that all their intelligence on Iraq, upon which they based both their charges, and their illegal devastating war on its people, was false.
The real target of the war was obviously neither Iraq’s so-called “weapons of mass destruction” nor its so-called “Qaeda links”- which were both non-existent. Rather, it was (a.) to maintain Israel’s security based on expansionism and aggression against Palestinian and Arab peoples and fulfillment of its dream of destroying Iraq; and (b.) to control Iraq’s oil wealth, being the second largest in the world.
The deliberate manufacturing and use of lies by US and UK governments to invade Iraq, murder its society, and destroy its modern state was indeed, the atrocious scandal of the century- which has brought disgrace and shame to them and to their collaborators.

However, the fabrication of anti-Iraq lies seems continuing. One such lie is the totally fabricated story that “I met in New York an intermediary sent by the French and gave him data on Iraq’s weapons programs”.
This story is absolute nonsense. It’s worth nothing but rejection.

Throughout my term of office, all my contacts with foreign governments were through counterparts or their envoys in Baghdad, and in a formal, direct and open manner with no intermediaries. What I, and other members of Iraqi government, used to say in such contacts was essentially the same as what we did in public, namely, the expression of Iraq’s official policy on all issues. On weapons of mass destruction issue, our position was a truthful and factual reflection of the reality, that’s there were no banned WMD and their related facilities left in Iraq since the end of 1991 after the destruction, under UN inspectors’ control, of all its chemical weapons, the only type of WMD Iraq had, which it had itself declared even before 1991 war.

In mid Sept. 2002, I was in New York. I attended UN General Assembly, and fixed Iraq’s decision to let UN weapon inspectors back to Iraq-which killed a US attempt to get UN authorization to a US-UK plan of war on Iraq. An Arab ex-journalist resident in France, whom I knew from early 1990s when I headed Iraq’s Foreign Information Department, phoned asking to meet me “just to say hello”.

I received him at Iraq’s Ambassador Residence, where I used to stay during my trips to New York. He started the meeting, which lasted a few minutes, by asking how I was doing in my ministerial post, and how I felt about working with president Saddam Hussein.
I did not suspect his questions since he had never contacted me for more than two years, well before I assumed my post. After I replied to his questions he paused then said, that his friend, the sister of President Chirac’s, asked him if he knew an Iraqi official to convey an urgent message from Chirac to President Saddam.

The message, he said, was that Chirac wanted to send a secret delegation to Baghdad to discuss how to avoid US war threats, and requested the President to personally receive them.

As I went back home, I delivered the message to President Saddam who agreed. I let my press secretary phone this man and tell him the approval. I didn’t check the result, considering it a confidential Presidential contact.

A couple of months after US occupation of my country, I was outside Iraq when this man phoned. He blamed me for “causing him to lose 10 million dollars,” saying: “The French were cooperating with the Americans. They asked me to try to persuade you to dissent against President Saddam, and promised me 10 million dollars if I succeeded.” He added, “But, when I met you, I couldn’t open up the issue. For, how can I ask you to dissent against Saddam, after you told me how happy you were to work with him, how much he had been friendly and supporting to you, and how much you were pleased at your post?.”

As a case in point: a few Iraqis and Arabs began to surface in western capitals after 1990, pretending to be aides or friends to Iraqi leaders, and inventing fictional anti-Iraq stories, in return for personal gains from those capitals. These crooks and swindlers dishonestly exploited Iraq’s isolation and plight under strangling sanctions, and manipulated some western authorities’ thirst for anti-Iraq stories, no matter how absurd and false they were, to feed the fabrication machine, so as to keep distorting the image of Iraq’s national government and leaders, and justifying the crime of the century, i.e., the US-led illegal invasion and destruction of the modern state of Iraq.

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