Ibrahim Ebeid: Message to Tariq Aziz regarding the Resistance- 12/31/12

Message sent to Tariq Aziz (Legitimate Vice President of Iraq who is languishing in a USA dungeon in Iraq under inhumane conditions)

Via Ibrahim Ebeid

Comrade Tariq Aziz, Iraq is on the way of Liberation, the people are revolting against corruption, sectarianism, and against occupation. The flag of Iraq with the three stars is flying high in every city, in every district, the resistance is gaining strength, the picture of President Saddam Hussein is carried high by the protesters, the criminal gangs of Iran and their cronies , Maliki and his groups are horrified, they know that their miserable end is coming.

We salute you and your comrades who are still in occupation jails, we salute all the martyrs, and we salute our legal president, the Martyr Saddam Hussein. The people of Iraq will triumph under the leadership of Izzat Ibrahim Alduri.

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