Ibrahim Ebeid: My Reflections on the Eve of the War on Iraq

My Reflections on the eve of the war on Iraq

By Ibrahim Ebeid
Co-Editor Al-Moharer
West New York NJ March 16, 2003

In unison, the World’s cry against the Anglo American aggression on Iraq thundered “No war against Iraq” From Tokyo and Sydney in the East to San Francisco and Los Angeles in the West, millions of people went out to the streets chanting in unison “Peace now” No war for oil”, “ Do not kill the Iraqi people” “Stop the Bush Blair madness” and “Lift the sanctions now”.

More than 100,000 people demonstrated against Bush and his appetite for war in the Nation’s capital. 100,000 came out in San Francisco and well over 50,000 dare the heavy rain in the streets of Los Angeles to voice their opposition of this aggressive war.

Buses poured into Washington D.C. from several cities and states to take part in the rally and demonstration, some drove more than 20 hours, they came from places as far as Florida, Chicago, Maine, Boston Minnesota, etc.

Some people might ask, are these demonstrations and protests useful for stopping the war? Will they stop the US Administration from launching this war of aggression against Iraq? In my opinion, these protests are very important to expose the aggressive nature of those who favor the killing of the innocent Iraqi people, especially the children, women and the old, stop the War no

President Bush is converting the United States into an aggressive country and anointing himself to be the most powerful tyrant of the World. With his zealous distorted “Christian” belief, he thinks that he is divine. His motto, “If you are not with us you are against us”. Mr. Bush is, arrogantly, challenging the World. His reasoning is blinded by power. He failed to rally the World behind him. The United Nations is opposing him and opposing his plans. Over a hundred Cities in the United States passed anti war resolutions and the latest was New York City where the tragic events of September 11 took place.

He is creating enemies and I am afraid that he is becoming the Godfather of terror. Unfortunately the media has become an active tool in causing the people to live in continuous nightmare. September 11 is becoming a pretext for thousands of similar massacres to be committed in Iraq by the US armed forces commanded by Mr. Bush.

While I am writing my reflections, a global vigil is taking place, my area included. People are in the streets concentrating in main spots in the cities or in front of their homes solemnly carrying candles hoping that the light might enlighten the hearts of those who are geared towards war and aggression

The Global Vigil is endorsed by Nobel Peace Laureate Archbishop Desmond Tutu, who recently said: “On Sunday evening people in every corner of the globe will shine beacons of light throughout the world. May our candles rekindle the light of reason and hope so that war will be averted in Iraq and peace will prevail in the world.”

I am afraid that all the efforts that are taking place in the United Nations led by France, Russia and Germany or by the people of the World, might fail in stopping the aggression. They might fail indeed because the Arab and Muslim rulers are living in a different World, away from reality and away from their people. The Suez Canal is under the aggressor’s command; warships are passing through to position themselves in the Red Sea to rain missiles of death on the Iraqi people. The Arabian Sea and the Arabian Gulf are occupied and American and British battleships will send hell on Iraq and its people. The Arab Gulf States are bases and fortresses for the forces of evil and they are the points of departures for the horrible war.

Iraq is a rich country. Before the war of 1991, it was the most advanced and the most prosperous in the Arab and Muslim World. Iraq was the first country in the Third World to break the barrier of technology, which was forbidden by Washington and its allies. Iraq was and still is the only Arab country that is not compromising the Palestinian cause. It believes that Palestine is Arab and must be liberated from the River to the Sea. It is the only country that is supporting and helping the Palestinian people. Of course the Iraq stance did not please the Zionist entity and its partner the United States and for this reason it was singled out. It was singled out for” Oil…Oil… Oil and Israel”.

We learned through a trusted source that before passing the unjust Resolution 1441 Iraq was approached to recognize the Zionist entity “Israel” and accept two million Palestinian refugees to be relocated in Iraq for the sanctions to be lifted. Iraq believing in the just cause of Palestine and in the right of the Palestinians to return home rejected this offer as it had rejected many offers of the same kind over the last decade.

Are the Arab rulers indeed anti war and pro Palestinians? If they were indeed then why do they not stand with Iraq and Palestine? If they firmly do then the war would be avoided for they are the only ones who can stop American and Zionist aggression.

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