Ibrahim Ebeid: Official Baath Party Response to Statements of the United Nations and Arab League regarding Iraq- January 10, 2014

Official Response of Baath Arab Socialist Party Spokesman on the Statements of the United Nations and Arab League with Regards to the Situation in Iraq*

On January 10th 2014 the United Nations issued a statement on the current situation in Iraq that was soon followed by a similar statement by the Arab league. The statement by the UN said Dr. Khdhayer Al-Murshidy official spokesmen for the Baath Arab Socialist Party could have not been issued if it weren’t for the growing strength and success of the Iraqi revolt. The puppet governor of Iraq al-Maliki has called upon the UN to come to his rescue after his troops faced defeat and collapse at the hands of the valiant Iraqi resistance. The will and heroic resistance of the Iraqi people have once before defeated the armies of [American] occupation of Iraq so how could the Iraqi people falter in facing al- Maliki’s troops and their backers in Iran. Al- Murshidy’s response made the following two points on the UN and Arab League Statements: -All Iraqis reject terrorism and fight actively against it. Whether it be religious, sectarian, or government perpetrated terrorism. -The Iraqi people know well the true identity of the militias of ISIS (The Islamic State in Syria and Iraq-militias) and they know well that it is Maliki himself who stands behind bringing ISIS into Al-Anbar province in order to sabotage the Iraqi uprising. Al-Murshidy continued his commentary with the following: 1. The UN declaration is only a formal statement that carries no real value as it lacks the legal and practical ability to transform its words into action. 2. The UN declaration came because of the collapse and defeat of al-Maliki and the success and victory of the Iraqi revolt with Maliki seeking UN support to rescue him. 3. The UN statement in itself is contradictory. On one hand it claims to support al-Maliki in fighting terrorism and on the other hand condemns actions of violence against civilians including trespass on the protesters’ democratic rights to peacefully protest. This contradiction in itself shows al-Maliki’s failure to push his own twisted interpretation of what is taking place in Iraq onto the UN. 4. The Iraqi people know well that the United Nations controlled by the United States will not protect them or safe-guard their interests. The UN has failed in protecting the Iraqi people and their country since 1990 and as such cannot be expected to help them. 5. It is the will of the Iraqi people and the Iraqi resistance that defeated the advance of the American occupation in heroic Fallujah and heroic Anbar province. It is these same forces today who al-Maliki cannot stand against and who will deliver the safety and victory of the Iraqi people. 6. The Iraqi people know well what DAASH’s true identity is and that al-Maliki and Iran stand behind it and have inserted it into Al-Anbar to sabotage the Iraqi uprising much as it has been used in Syria to sabotage the uprising of the Syrian people. 7. Iraqis condemn all forms of terrorism. They did not know this terrorism before, it is new to them. It has been inserted into their country after being manufactured in the intelligence headquarters of the United States and Iran. 8. The Arab league has followed the UN statement with a statement in support of al-Maliki. This Arab league proves yet once more that it is a [comprador ] creation in the service of Western interests and not in the service of the Arab people. It shall never deliver protection to any Arab country nor defend the rights of the Arab people. It has a long history of betrayal of Arab causes. First in its treachery of the Palestinian cause, then in facilitating the invasion of Iraq, then in helping to destroy Libya, then its support for the destruction of Syria, and now in its support for al-Maliki in massacring the Iraqi people. ______________________ *Translated by Moghtareb Falastini _____

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