Ibrahim Ebeid: Our Women and Children Calling Upon You


By Ibrahim Ebeid
December 1, 2012
Is the conscience of humanity dead? Is it duped and went dormant? I just wonder, I am bombarded by electronic mail asking to help release some political prisoners in American jails, such as the Cuban Five, I am for that, I believe they should be released soon, I signed their petitions.
But I have a question to the Organizations of Human Rights and to the Left and progressive Organizations, especially in the United States, Why do you ignore the Palestinian prisoners in the “Israeli “Jails and the Iraqis in the Sectarian Occupation Jails  in Iraq, aren’t they human beings deserving your attention? Why you are silent and not responsive?
The Hammurabi Humanitarian Organization, headed by Pascal Wardeh detailed conditions at the women’s prison in Kadhimiyah, north Baghdad, in which some prisoners suffered physical assault, and about 21 children are living with their mothers also being harassed and physically punished by the jailers. They are “suffering a punishment without committing any crime.”Many women were raped and those children were the result of this abominable ugly crime of rape committed by the jailers. A total of 414 detainees were being held in the jail, varying in age from 20 to 65. Among the inmates were 18 women sentenced to death.
Our people in Iraqi prisons, in Iranian jails, in Al Ahwaz, are being executed or assassinated en mass, every day, and the World is silent. Is Humanity on hold? Is it duped or its conscience is dead?

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