Ibrahim Ebeid: The Zionist Christians and Iraq

The Zionist Christians and Iraq
From the archives
Ibrahim Ebeid watanarabi@gmail.com

The Christian Zionists launched their crusader war against Iraq simultaneously with the Bush occupation of that country. Bush himself called his attack on Iraq a new “crusader” war. Whether George Bush meant it or it was a slip of the tongue, it became the motto of his coreligionists, the Christian Zionists.

 Christian Zionists blinded by fanaticism and racism declared, on many occasions, that Allah is an “idol “ and that he is a terrorist God. The American Christian missionaries have declared a “war for souls” in Iraq. This war is similar to George W. Bush’s war. But it is not for “weapons of mass destruction” and “democracy” it is for enforcing Zionist Christianity on the people of Iraq.
The so-called Christian organizations are disguising themselves as humanitarian aids. They are like the devil that covers himself with the skin of the lamb but in reality he is a wolf who wants to devour the lambs. They are bringing us Arabic bibles to convert us to Zionist Christianity in order to subjugate us to the malice of Imperialism and Zionism and to distort our heritage, our culture and to block our hopes for a better life. These “Christians” have One forgotten that the monotheistic religions, that they have distorted, came from us and we are the cornerstones of all monotheistic religions. Our ancestors carried these religious messages to the entire world.
Jerry Vines, former head of the Southern Baptist Convention, has described Prophet Mohammed as a “demon-obsessed pedophile”. Franklin Graham, son of Billy Graham and the head of Samaritan’s Purse have described Islam as a “very evil and wicked religion”. Jon Hanna describes Islam as “false” and “The Muslim religion is an antichrist religion.”
We were accustomed to those missionaries and their malicious aims through history, they are quite clear to us. They are, in most cases, part of the occupying and aggressor forces. The missionaries of these days are the same as those who accompanied the first crusaders .The Zionist Christians are the worst among all missionaries.
As a Christian Arab from Palestine whose culture and heritage is a Muslim Christian one. I have studied the Holy Qoran several times. I have seen no such claims as those of the Zionist Christians. Islam is a monotheistic religion and the story of Issa Al Maseeh, Jesus Christ, occupies a large portion of the Holy Qoran, elegantly expressed and detailed. I refer those fanatics to Surat Al Immran and to Surat Mariam to see how revered Jesus is and indeed he is considered the Messiah. (Issa Al Maseeh).
I am not here to defend Islam; Islam does not need any one to defend it. It is divine. It is supreme and formidable. Those people who launch the war against Islam and want to force the conversion upon the believers are ignorant, tyrant and intolerant. They themselves need the salvation because they are the captives of the Zionist domination; they have gone astray from the true faith of Christianity. They have distorted the teachings of Christ who taught us that God is love and they made him a hateful and vengeful.

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