Ibrahim Ebeid: Update on Iraqi Resistance – 12/31/12

News from Iraq

Iraq Palestine Committee December 14, 2012
Ibrahim Ebeid baharyafa@gmail.com

Many tribes from the South are pouring into Anbar to join the growing protest against Maliki and Iran. All the demonstrates and the participating groups are calling for the expulsion of Maliki and all who are part of the political process .

In the meantime Saleh Almotlak, the deputy prime minister of Maliki attempted to go to the platform to talk to the protesters, he was prevented to do so , the protesters threw stones, shoes and full water bottles at him, he was forced to leave, his bodyguards started shooting directly at the people, some were wounded and one young man was killed, a commemoration will take place in his honor in the rally.—-watch youtube of the coward Almotlak running.

Demonstrations are still going on strongly in Mosul and other parts of Iraq. A huge rally is taking place in Kirkuk where Arabs, Kurds and Turcoman are participating. Another young man, Sardi Dhiab Sardi Aljanabi, a demonstrator was executed in Siniyeh, a town, in the district of Biji.

Maliki issues an order to shoot to kill

A Confidant of Al Dawa Sectarian Party of Maliki said, that orders were issued from the so cold office of the commander in chief of the armed forces, to the commanders in Mosul, Samara and Almuthanna, to execute anyone who raises his voice in the demonstrations and their corpses will not be delivered to their folks.

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