Ibrahim Ebeid: Urgent Action is Needed- Iraqi Political Prisoners need help and Support

Urgent action is needed
Iraqi Political Prisoners need your help and support
November 30, 2012 

The political prisoners in sectarian occupation jails in Iraq have been suffering for many years. They are being tried by the Criminal Court of Iraq, created by US occupation forces, on false and fabricated charges and some have been unjustly murdered. There is a hidden and declared agenda behind all these trials. The agenda is specifically designed to serve the interests of the occupation powers, whether Persian or American, to rid Iraq of its leadership by any means.

These leaders who were tried, or being tried, represent the finest of Iraqis who stood up in defense of Iraq’s independence and unity. Among those tried is Abdul Ghani Abdul Ghafoor whom I have known since the 1970s. I knew him as a writer and as a leader, an honorable man who was dedicated to serving his country to the best of his ability. Like the rest of the prisoners, this man is facing hostile and adversarial brutal actions and humiliation. He was severely beaten inside the dock by court guards and some employees under the sight of the court judge (Mohammed Al Khalifa Irebi ), the prosecutor and his aides.

The captive Abdel Ghani Abdul Ghafoor complained to the president of the so-called Supreme Judicial Council (Medhat Mahmoud), the president of the court (Aref Al-Shaheen) about discriminatory treatment but he did not receive any response. He sought to transfer his trial to Egypt, or any Arab or Islamic country, except Iran, to ensure his integrity and safety.

The protection of rights of the accused and maintenance of any tampering or abuse are openly violated. The court president, the prosecutor and the court workers contradict the application of constitutional provisions and law because they violate the most basic rules and foundations, goals and objectives.

During the session held on March 12, 2008 there was an attack on Abdul Ghani Abdul Ghafoor. He was insulted and beaten inside the courtroom by several guards on the instigation of the presiding judge and under the eyes of the court and the attorney general. The court has not taken any action against the attackers. As a result of the attack, the victim was severely injured and put under medical treatment for a month or so.

On April, 15 , 2008 Attorney General Mahdi Abdel Amir reiterated his hostile position to the regime of President Saddam Hussein and members of the government, claiming that his position on the men of the system is very clear. He berated the Iraqi leadership and the prisoners using repugnant terms. His tirade did not include neutrality and professionalism, traits that are paramount for an attorney general.

On June 29 , 2008 Abdul Ghani Abdul Ghafoor was subjugated to abuse and humiliation by a person inside the hall. He filed a complaint to the President of the court but no action was taken. This incident was captured on television. After the session, the same person threatened to assault him and kill him but a court guard intervened and prevented the man from harming Abdul Ghafoor. It was revealed that the attacker was sent by a sectarian party, who is part of the government of the Green Zone, to assassinate Mr. Abdul Ghafoor.

The political prisoner complained to the commander of the occupation forces about the actions of the court asking for protection. His request was not answered.

The place of detention is a basement under the court building, solitary confinement that has no ventilation and does not meet the basic needs for humans to inhabit. It is used as a tool and a means to pressure, blackmail and to break the spirit of the detainees and to degrade morale and dignity to obtain confessions.

The trial has nothing to do with the political events of 1991when the sectarian parties came from Iran, under the supervision of the mullahs and their officers to murder Iraqis and to destabilize the country. Most of those who attended the court for the purpose of complaint, using false testimony, are members of the organizations who took part in these events. These sectarian organizations are now the rulers of Iraq under US-Iran occupation supervision. They have committed crimes of murder, robbery and rape, burning of state institutions, and should be the ones tried for treason and mass murder.

The sentences are already prepared to have the rest of the Iraqi leaders killed or die in jails. This is the plan of the occupations, both American and Persian, to rid Iraq of its leadership who is dedicated to restoring freedom, prosperity and independence.

Today, November 30, 2012 came to our attention that Mr. Abdul Gahafoor who is sick with diabetes, high blood pressure and severe prostate ailment and the Prison administration refused him any treatment. He is on hunger strike and he is facing imminent death if Human Rights Organizations do not intervene for his immediate release. We hope that our friends will send messages to all concerned organizations asking for his release

Yours in the struggle
Ibrahim Ebeid


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