Ibrahim Ebeid: Where are the Human Rights and Anti-War Movements? 1/29/30

537241_4894065983321_82897909_nWhere are the Human Rights and Anti-war movements?
By: Ibrahim Ebeid

Dr. Khdhayer Almurshidy representative of the Arab Ba’ath Party, and in charge of Foreign Relations Bureau, was arrested by the Lebanese Authorities on 26 December 2012 for a period of two days in response to an arrest warrant issued against him by the sectarian government of Iraq that was imposed on Iraq by the US-Iranian occupation, his passport was taken away from him until further notice to prevent him from traveling ,the warrant was issued against him based on the so called anti-terrorism act and the so-called Act of accountability and Justice, which is an extension of de-Baathification law. The Lebanese resorted to this act to prevent him from attending a meeting of the Secretariat of the Arab National Conference held in Yemen on January 26-27, 2013 to satisfy Maliki.

We call upon those who claim to be progressive and advocates of human rights to take action against the atrocities taken place in Iraq, and we would like them to know that there is a popular revolution in Iraq raging against the occupation and its lackeys.
Iraq – Palestine Committee
Ibrahim Ebeid baharyafa@gmail.com

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