Ibrahim Ebeid: The Forgotten Ones


By Ibrahim Ebeid


The Iraqi political and war prisoners are ignored by human rights organizations and equally by progressive and anti-war movements. These establishments must know that some of these prisoners were assassinated or died in jails by torture or negligence. Others are still detained awaiting a kangaroo trial by courts established by the forces of occupation, by the United States of America, to be killed or rot in jails. The evidence of torture of these prisoners is overwhelming. We have witnessed much of the evidence of torture and abuse in Abu Ghraib and other prisons and camps across Iraq.
President Obama claimed, during his campaign, that he was the President of Change: he spoke loudly against the war and promised to stop the war and torture. The war that he promised to halt is still going on and the torture did not stop in Iraqi jails. Everything is the same as it was during the administration of President George W. Bush.
The US Administration transferred the Iraqi political and war prisoners to the puppets and stooges of the US invaders to be killed and eliminated for reasons of vengeance.
Many leaders were killed, such as the legitimate president of Iraq, President Saddam Hussein and his colleagues. They were killed because they refused to succumb to US and Zionist domination, and they refused to surrender Iraq and its wealth to them. The “crime’ of Saddam Hussein and his colleagues was the building of Iraq and breaking the monopoly of modern technology. An advanced and independent Iraq did not please the United States and its ally the Zionist entity “Israel” Saddam Hussein and his colleagues believed in Arab unity and in the total liberation of Palestine. They believed in restoring Palestine to the Palestinian people and the Palestinians to Palestine. These fundamental positions enraged the US and its strategic ally, “Israel”. I understand very well why the US government is destroying Iraq and why it is trying to exterminate the Iraqi leadership but I do not understand why the human rights organizations and the so-called anti-war movement are silent or condoning the occupation and its atrocities. The US anti-war movement raised the mantra “We are against the war but we are glad that Saddam is gone.” What a shame .
Among the forgotten Iraqi prisoners and leaders was Comrade Hikmat Mizban Ibrahim Al-Azzawi who held the portfolios of finance minister and deputy prime minister. He was captured on April 18, 2003 and he was in jail without any charge awaiting trial. He died in jail on January 27 , 2012 and the world kept silent. Al-Azzawi was a very intelligent man and very capable. Under his leadership as the head of the Central Bank and as the Minister of Finance and Commerce, Iraq achieved giant steps in developing various projects and made Iraq very advanced and economically independent. He was an exceptional brain among the brains who participated in developing the country and creating jobs for all Iraqis and for those who lived in Iraq. The US sought to eliminate him and to eliminate all the legitimate leaders of Iraq who were builders.
I had the honor to accompany him to the Soviet Union in October 1977 to sign a protocol of cooperation between the Arab Ba’ath Socialist Party and The Soviet Communist Party. We visited several States of the Union; among them was Lithuania, the cities of Vilnius and Kaunus. One place that struck us emotionally was a compound where the Nazis killed many victims, among them Arabs from Morocco and Algeria. It was a very sad moment for both of us. The man did not know that 26 years later he would be a prisoner of US occupation in Iraq. He was captured and detained in these horrible jails that are equal to or worse than those of the Nazis, because no one came to rescue him and his comrades.
His children are living in exile and his wife died in Amman, Jordan, away from her husband and from her beloved Baghdad and the world is silent.

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