Ibrahim Ebeid: Iraq and Palestine One Cause One Struggle

Iraq and Palestine One Cause ,One Stuggle

Ibrahim Ebeid

The Zionist occupation of Palestine is not merely an invasion motivated by material greed, but rather, it is a racist religious invasion that has no parallel in history, except for the crusades, attempting to destroy our existence.

The Zionist invasion was encouraged, coached and supported by the Western Imperialist powers, especially by Britain then by the United States of America. It was encouraged because the Zionist movement was born in the West. It is a product of Western Imperialist thought and philosophy built on racist ideology

The Arab progressive nationalists are well aware of the dangers of Imperialism and Zionism. They are right when they consider that Imperialism, new and old, is their first enemy and the Zionist entity “Israel” is its consequence. The fate of “Israel” is linked up with the fate of Imperialism, not necessarily its tool, but definitely its partner and ally, when Imperialism is defeated and smashed, the Zionist entity will have no strategic ally to depend on, the link between both will be smashed as well and the entity will end.

Palestine was destroyed, and crimes of genocide are being committed against them in many ways and forms. The Zionists and their Western allies converted historic occupied Palestine into a military base in the heart of the Arab homeland to keep it divided, weak and fragmented, in order to prevent the reunification of the Arab nation in a united homeland.

We are not against a Jewish minority in our midst, there are many minorities among us, but we are against the Zionist entity that was imposed upon us by the enemies of humanity, the Imperialists and the Zionists. Palestine is our homeland and our people were living there since time immemorial, we have to protect it and restore it to its rightful place.

The British and US Imperialists are frantic from the idea of any progress in the Arab homeland; they panic from any Arab liberation movement that is destined to liberate Palestine. They realize that the Iraqi National Resistance and the Palestinian liberation fighters are the spearhead of Arab liberation that leads to the reinstitution of Arab Unity.

The Zionists and their Western Allies, mainly the United States and British Imperialists, are trying maliciously, to fragment any effort for liberation. For this reason they turn their guns against the Palestinian freedom fighters trying to obliterate them in order to silence them and put the Palestinian people into oblivion.

In order to prevent any effort to liberate Palestine, the Anglo-Saxon Imperialists decided to invade Iraq, the free voice of the Arab Nation that was very supportive of the Palestinian cause. Iraq was our pride and our hope to lead the Arab nation to take its legitimate and rightful place on the World stage. The Liberation of historic Palestine was the aim of Iraq and its leadership. It is the uncompromising principle of the Arab Baath Socialist Party. Arab Unity would never be complete without the liberation of Palestine. The more we approach the liberation of Palestine the closer we get to achieve Arab Unity.

The Zionist entity realized that Iraq was the main obstacle that stands against Zionism and the entity’s malicious ambitions in the area. Iraq believed in a humanitarian and progressive ideology from which it derived its strength and faith while the artificial Zionist entity believes in Zionism from which it derives its racist belief and hate. Racism is a common factor that binds Zionism and Imperialism together in strategic alliance that is hostile to humanity and to Arab hopes and aspiration.

A progressive Iraq, armed with a progressive ideology, did not please the Bush-Cheney Administration. Iraq was a formidable fortress that stood against the Bush vision for a “Greater Middle East” in which to keep any Arab Unity checked because Arab Unity meant Arab liberation and the erasing of any artificial entity.

In order to control the Arab wealth and prevent liberation that might endanger the artificial Zionist entity Bush, and his allies, launched their war of aggression against Iraq. Iraq was invaded and occupied. Iraq and Palestine became a battlefield against the invaders and a new liberation movement was born.

The Zionists, who are the masters of deception and viciousness, forced the United States to join the war against the Arabs in order to realize the common Zionist-Imperialist schemes in the area.” Israel” was given a free hand to terrorize the Palestinians and to slaughter as much as they can in an attempt to silence them. The bombardment of the Palestinian refugee camps, towns and cities, killing women and children have their agenda, to force the Palestinians to leave their homes for new Zionist immigrants to move into their place.
The daily bombardment of Iraqi cities and the killing of Iraqi people en mass is intended to create horror and panic among the Iraqis in order to force them look at the American invaders as “liberators”, not as occupiers, and to help the Zionist entity realize its goals for a greater “Israel” that is mighty and strong.

George W. Bush and his allies did not know the history of the Arabs. They did not know the dignity and honor that shape the uncompromising character of the Arab individual, and what it means. George W. Bush, blinded by power and conceitedness, led the American people into a quagmire that he will regret for the rest of his life.

The Arab ideology will prevail, Zionism and US Imperialism will be defeated, the struggle is advancing and the Iraqi-Palestinian front is widening. The ignorant fanatics with a distorted vision will suffer a bitter defeat and will be cursed forever.

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