Ibrahim Ebeid: Letter to Obama and the American People 2/23/14

To President Obama and the American People
Chicago February 23, 2014

We Americans must recognize the Iraqi National Resistance in all its armed and political forms as the sole representative of the Iraqi people. We must admit that the sectarian government that we installed in the “Green Zone” is not capable of restoring peace, prosperity and security to Iraq, therefore it must be abolished and a new government representing the Iraq Popular Revolt must be recognized.

Our government must totally withdraw from Iraq, unconditionally, in a specific time determined between the Iraqi Resistance and the occupiers. Iraq sovereignty and national independence must be recognized, respected and safeguarded. We must stop shipping arms or helping the Monster, Maliki and his gangs to remain in power to kill, maim and destroy. Our imposed ” Democracy” on Iraq does not work, it is farce and ridiculous sham, it means death, terror and destruction to the Iraqis. We must apologize to the Iraqi people and compensate them for all the suffering and destruction we caused, the ones who were behind this war must be brought to justice as war criminals in the courts of law.

Respect and Regards
Ibrahim Ebeid,
US citizen and Vietnam Era Vet.

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