Ibrahim Ebeid: News from the Battle Field in Iraq

Some News From the Battle Field
February 13, 2014

Revolutionary Ramadi fighters were able to trap a convoy of Maliki soldiers, in an ambush that successfully destroyed some of its vehicles and forced the criminal militias to abandon their equipment and flee, more victories were scored in favor of the popular revolution in Albo Fahd region where clashes took place between the Revolutionary forces and the criminal militias of Maliki .The Revolutionary forces were able to destroy two tanks , four transport military vehicles and 11 soldiers of Maliki were killed, a primary report said. The Stadium, Officers , Ta’amim residential Neighborhoods and several streets fell under the full control of the Revolutionary Forces. A large force of the freedom fighters were deployed in 20th.St . and Abo Dhiab area in the Ramadi Island, the government police force in Al-Hawz abandoned their post and ran away. The battles are raging in many places , the popular revolt is gaining more areas and capturing more arms and vehicles. In Kirkuk , Nineveh and other cities, battles are taking place, and many areas are being liberated, government equipment destroyed.
Maliki is going mad , his forces helicopters and artillery bombing and shelling many areas and innocent people, but the Revolution is gaining momentum. Very soon I hope we will come to you with more news and more details.

Latest The Revolutionary Tribal Forces in Salhuddin stormed the central jail and freed all prisoners

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