Ibrahim Ebeid: Right from the Field


Right from the field
Ibrahim Ebeid – February, 6, 2014

The Iraqi Revolt is not a rebellion to achieve tribal gains; it is a popular revolt to restore the homeland to the people. It is a revolt to expel Maliki and all those who sold Iraq to the United States and Iran. The people realized that Iran is controlling Iraq and ripping it apart and dividing the people into sects in order to abolish and diminish Iraq to nothingness. For this reason the armed popular revolt is taking place.

The rebellion is inflicting heavy losses upon the militias and army of Maliki and demoralizing them. Today, on all fronts, in Mosul, Kirkuk, Salhuldin, Anbar, Fallujah, Ramadi and in the outskirts of Baghdad, the rebels destroyed vehicles, tanks and captured arms, weapons, vehicles and soldiers.

At Badush prison, one of the largest prisons in Iraq which contains 3000 prisoners most of them were condemned for life or death among them 800 women captives were freed. Rabieian , Zndjeli and Ayman police stations and the first battalion base in Rihaniyya fell into the hands of the rebels, also the center of Agrarian reform now is in the hands of the liberation forces.

The neighborhood of Rifai, in the right side of Mosul, and Nineveh Rabia border crossing between Iraq and Syria were stormed and liberated.

A violent attack on the headquarters of Mosul left dozens of dead and wounded soldiers, and a convoy of the army was annihilated at the right side of Mosul.
Maliki is going mad, he is panicking, and he is bombing civilians, children, women and elderly.

All the above are taking place and the news media are ignoring them, the Western and Arab Media are reporting o us lies and painting the popular Revolt as Qaeda and ISIS terrorists . We and the Iraqi people know that the real terrorists are Maliki , his militias and those who support them.

Operations still going on strong and the Revolution continues until liberation.

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