Ibrahim Ebeid: Terror is Created by Arrogance

Terror is Created by Arrogance
by Ibrahim Ebeid

Terrorism against the Arab nation started early last century when the allies decided to conquer the Arab World and rip it apart in order to usurp Palestine and grant it to foreigners. Massacres were committed against the Palestinians and almost the entire population of Palestine was expelled and Palestine fell under the occupation of the most vicious racist settler movement in the World, the Zionist movement.

The war of terror against the Palestinians became a common practice, explicitly or implicitly, encouraged by various US and British Administrations.

The terror did not stop in Palestine; it went beyond that into Iraq and led to the occupation of that land. The occupation of Iraq is synonymous to that of Palestine. Both were done by the Western imperialism and with its offshoot the Zionist movement.

Since then, the Zionists and the Imperialists are inflicting horror on the Palestinians and Iraqis. Thousands of people died in Palestine and Millions in Iraq. Wealth was stolen. Institutions and establishments became a thing of the past and the economy that once flourished was ruined.

The war on Iraq was terrorizing the entire nation and the daily bombardment of the Iraqi cities by the British and US forces have killed innocent people indiscriminately. Iraq was offered in a platter of gold to Iran by Barack Obama, and he did not hesitate a bit to support the pro Iran Maliki and his criminal gangs with the most sophisticated weapons, and military hardware and Apache, drones to be used to suppress the Iraqi Popular Revolt.

Senate Foreign Relations Committee, headed by Senator Robert Menendez at first blocked a deal of advanced arms and Apache Helicopters to Maliki demanding assurances that Iraq’s military would use the helicopters only against terrorists and not against civilians opposed to Prime Minister Nouri Maliki’s government, but the deal went through . The Senator succumbed to the pressure from the Administration and abandoned his position and agreed to the deal.

The United States should not be trusted, the American people should wake up from their slumber, and stop the Administration from advocating terror against other nations. Terrorism against humanity should not take place and should be condemned.

Killing innocent Iraqis and Palestinians by the Zionists or Imperialists should be condemned also and the perpetrators should be brought to justice. Iraq under its previous legal government never suffered from terrorism until Bush and Blair occupied it and changed its legitimate government, and replaced it by a sectarian illegitimate one, and created horror, fear and chaos. Occupation is terror and should come to an end.

Do you remember the smart bombs that killed more than 700 people in the Shelter of Ameriyah in Baghdad in 1991, on Valentine’s Day ? Do you remember the genocidal blockade that killed more than 5000 children, in the first 6 months, under the age of five, and Madeline Albright said the “price is worth it”? And the list goes on and on, equally in Iraq and in Palestine. Not to forget the ‘shock and awe’ bombs, the carpet-bombing and the depleted uranium that polluted the environment of Iraq and the neighboring countries. And now President Obama and Senator Menendez and the rest of the US Administration, Senate and Congress, are part of the problem and Iran is doing the job for America in Iraq.

Due to the irrational act of President Bush and the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom the World is suffering and became unsafe. The people in the US are living in constant fear from the constant lies about the justification of the war on Iraq by the President and his entourage. As a result, liberty became confined and limited in the “Land of the Free” and each individual is being watched. We are not free nor are we safe anymore. Obama is not anything but Bush reincarnated.

As an American from Palestinian background, as a victim of Zionist terror who was expelled from his birthplace in 1948 I call upon my fellow Americans to stand firmly against the policies of our Administration. Let us bring the troops home and put a stop to the bloodshed at once. Let us stop supporting Maliki and his gangs, Let us open our eyes and realize that there is a Popular Revolt in Iraq that it is legitimate and deserves our support. Let us look at the World around us with love, compassion, tolerance and understanding. Let us live and let the others live in peace and tranquility.

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