Ibrahim Ebeid: Bush War and Why People Hate Us

The George W. Bush War
By Ibrahim Ebeid

Why People hate us

Dear Fellow Americans,

Are we really aware of why people around the world don’t harbor love and respect for us? Have we ever thought why people around the world “hate” us?
Most of us do not know why because we are being fed with false propaganda which became ingrained in our minds, and we have been forced to believe that people around the world envy our way of life and hate our democracy.
To know the reality we have to pause for a while and take a profound look at the policies and actions of our governments. When we do so then we might discover the facts and reasons why people dislike us. Though facts sometimes are painful, we have to accept them in order to eradicate the causes and purge ourselves.
I would like to be very frank with my fellow citizens and tell them some of the reasons why people hate us. As an American born in Palestine I suffered under unfair and unjust US biased policies. As a result the price my family and I paid was very heavy and high. We lost everything that my father worked for when the Zionist state “ Israel” was created in 1948. Hundreds of thousands of Palestinians were expelled from their land and became refugees. They were forced to spend the bitter cold of winter under the trees; the lucky ones were sheltered in tents made of canvass that were donated by the United Nations Relief and Work Agency. Those places, later on, were converted into temporary camps until such a time feasible for the refugees to return to their homes; the refugees and their descendents are still waiting, and “Israel” is expanding.
Mr. Harry Truman ignored the human tragedy that fell upon the Palestinians, and he was very quick to recognize “Israel” 11 minutes after its proclamation. Since then, the United States, was and still is siphoning billions of dollars and sending the most sophisticated arms from the US arsenal to help the Zionists fulfill their dreams: to kill more Arabs and to grab more lands for the Zionist settlers. Palestinians are considered subhuman, or like roaches, and must be crushed according to Zionist leaders. “The Palestinians would be crushed like grasshoppers … heads smashed against the boulders and walls,” ‘Israeli” Prime Minister Yitzhak Shamir in a speech to Jewish settlers reported the New York Times on April 1, 1988. ” [The Palestinians are] beasts walking on two legs.” Menachim Begin stated in a speech to the Israeli Knesset, quoted in Amnon Kapeliouk, “Begin and the Beasts:” New Statesman, 25 June 1982.
And yet, we Americans, who claim to be the most free people in the world who believe in freedom and democracy, are supporting such a racist entity that is built on usurped land, its leaders are full of hate and they are committing genocide against the Palestinian . What a contradiction!

We Americans are being robbed by Republican and Democratic administrations alike, they are utilizing the taxpayers’ money to help “Israel” to launch continuous wars to kill thousands of people and destroy entire nations with “our” unconditional support. Palestine was completely usurped and its people are uprooted, Lebanon was attacked, destruction and death were spreading all over the land. Do we expect people to have faith in us?
Our president, Mr. George W. Bush, became the most vocal voice of Zionism in the world and he was not concerned about peace. He was encouraging the “Israelis” to commit more crimes and massacres against the Palestinians and he was sending more destructive weapons to kill more Palestinians. Palestine was destroyed and ruined. Thousands of children were killed with no remorse. And yet we call America a broker for Peace and Justice?
On April 18, 1996, the Zionists attacked Qana, in Lebanon, and killed 110 women and children who were taking refuge in the United Nations compound. The horrible crime was repeated again on July 30, 2006 when the same Zionist criminals attacked a building in Qana and killed more than 60 innocent civilians who were taking shelter to avoid the savagery of their enemy. Among the dead were about 40 children, if not more, they were killed with American-made bombs that President Bush donated to the perpetrators. Killing innocent people and especially children make people around the world hate and despise Americans, a fact we must know.
We launched a savage war against the people of the Cradle of Civilization since 1991 with no cessation .Our laser-guided “smart bombs” destroyed Al Ameriyah shelter on February 13, 1991 and more than 400 Iraqi civilians were killed, mostly women and children.
More and more people are being killed by the US occupiers and by the sectarian militias of the sectarian government that we created in Iraq. People are being buried in mass graves that we are creating and blaming on the Iraqi Resistance.
The United States has killed more than 200,000 Iraqis during the illegal invasion of Iraq in March 2003 and thousands more after.
Our blind hatred to everything that’s not American caused the deaths of more than two million Iraqis since the First Gulf War and during the genocidal blockade and no-fly zones that we imposed on Iraq. Most of the dead were children and our representative at the United Nations; Ms Madeleine Albright tolerated the killing of the Iraqi children and said, “The price is worth it”. Then she was rewarded the portfolio of Secretary Of State. And do you expect us to be revered and loved by the people of the world?
We sent thousands of our troops to foreign lands, to Afghanistan and Iraq, to kill innocent people and to force them to accept “democracy.” This type of democracy caused misery to many families in Iraq and to the families of our servicemen who died in vain to satisfy the egos of President George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Condoleezza Rice and the Zionist “allies” of Washington.
Mr. Bush sent Condoleezza several to “Israel” to give his support and assurances to the Zionists to commit atrocities and destruction in Lebanon and the result was very vast and devastating, Children were slaughtered with our bombs and you expect the Arabs and the rest of the Muslim World to love us and favor our democracy, which in reality, means their destruction?
The attack on Qana and the killing of Lebanese children and their moms took place while Condoleezza Rice, our Secretary of State, was meeting with Ehud Olmert, the “Israeli” Prime Minister at that time. Of course this meant that the attack took place under the eyes and the blessing of the United States. The Zionist leader, Ehud Olmert requested the approval of the United Sates, and more time to continue the war against Lebanon and its people. What was taking place in Lebanon and in Palestine, in Qana and in Gaza was indeed a massacre, a crime against humanity, a hate crime, and a racist crime against people for being Arabs or Muslims. The United States was responsible for such crimes because our President and his administration were putting all our power and resources behind such a “state”, behind “Israel”. Our tax money is going towards committing war crimes instead of spending it for peace or at home, on education, medicine, research, building homes for the homeless and poor, creating new jobs, etc.,
We sent our young people to kill, to rape, to commit atrocities and to die for wars in the interests of the rich, corporate America and above all on behalf of “Israel” that is holding us hostage.
Are we responsible for the acts of our government?
Yes we are responsible because we allow such people to hold office; we have elected them and now we are paying the price. People around the world hate us. Our young men and women are being killed, and we are creating more enemies. We do not have enough jobs; our senior citizens cannot afford to buy medicine; we pay high price for gasoline; and we pay heavy taxes to supply the costs of wars committed by our government and by our Zionist allies. We became the butchers of the world instead of the advocates of peace.
We should stop supplying “Israel” with weapons of destruction.
We should stop wasting our billions on the “Israeli” war machine.

We should stop all the wars that we are launching around the world, especially in Afghanistan and Iraq.
We should build bridges of love and friendship among nations.

We should treat all nations with equal respect.
We should always stand with justice.
We should withdraw our troops from around the world and bring them home alive.
Is our foreign policy stemming from our interests in building peace and democracy around the world?
The answer to this question is a flat no. Our foreign policy has been a hostage to the interests of the few: to corporate America, to the rich who want to be richer even by launching wars to rob other nations. And who pays the price to these greedy ambitions? The answer is the poor, young Americans. They are the ones who are forced to go to wars to shed their blood and the blood of others for oil and “Israel.” Mr. Martin Indyk, the then US Ambassador to Tel Aviv, once said about the first Gulf War it was for “oil and Israel.” Indeed it was and now most of the Americans know it.
American foreign policy was always and still is not fair, especially when it comes to the Arabs and Muslims. The United States never allows the United Nations Security Council pass any resolution condemning the state of “Israel” for war crimes and atrocities that it commits, because, “Israel” according to our successive administrations, is our staunchest ally.
These are some of the reasons why people hate us. It is about time to put America on the right track. It is about time to join the human race and be part of a peaceful and civilized World.

Yours truly,
Ibrahim Ebeid
US citizen and a veteran of the Vietnam era

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