Ibrahim Ebeid: Iraqi Detainee tortured to death – 1/7/12

This is what the tax dollars of USA citizens is funding in Iraq. One day justice will be done and the stooges that the Zionist Nazis in the USA sat in the seats stolen from the legitimate Iraqi government will be brought to account by the Iraqi resistance.

If you are sitting in the USA thinking that this is not your concern YOU are dead wrong. American troops are bleeding to death and coming home in coffins because our evil government sent them into harms way to kill the patriots that dared to stand up for the defense of their nation. Your troops are dying on the battlefield or by suicide. You should be concerned and guilt ridden that YOU gave the Bush maggots and cohorts the green light to  ILLEGALLY invade Iraq and Afghanistan. YOU believed the LIE that Iraq had something to do with 911 when, in fact, 911 was an inside job by Bush and cohorts designed to control the world’s oil supply. YOU keep giving your worthless votes to the better of two evils when you should be demanding an end to the two party monopoly and cleaning house in the Congress and Senate. YOU have the blood of innocent Iraqis on your hands.

If YOU are thinking that this will never happen to you in the USA you are badly mistaken. The criminal in chief which YOU voted for has passed the NDAA, SOPA, PIPA and 40,000 other laws designed to detain, torture and/or kill YOU. Drones will fly over USA skies and YOU will be target. Yet you close your eyes and refuse to take action. One day you might be the man in the video. What goes around comes around.

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