Statement from Iraqi Naqshabandi Army 3/30/16

Important Statement from
the Leadership of Naqshbandi Army

Statement of the Leadership of Naqshbandi Army regarding the blockade crime of Fallujah and other Iraqi cities; the starvation crimes and genocide committed by the leaders of the sectarian, racist political process and their government in Baghdad.


To: Our proud Iraqi people,

Our brothers of the Arab and Islamic Nations,

And The Liberals worldwide


The Suspicious political process in Baghdad has demonstrated its sectarianism, racism and absolute loyalty to the Iranian Government; it runs the country with hypocrisy and dissimulation while being the source of militancy, extremism and terrorism – as a source of planning and funding in Iraq, the region and the entire world. Thus, we would like to clarify the following:


First: Based on the outcomes of the Islamic Military Alliance for fighting terrorism in accepting the request of joined members to carry out military operations led the Islamic Military Alliance, the Naqshbandi Army demands the leadership of the Islamic Military Alliance to:


a. Enlist the suspicious political process in Baghdad – including all of its symbols, political parties and their blocks, bodies, institutions, organizations, government army, popular crowd, and sectarian militias – in terrorism lists as war criminals, and perpetrators of mass killings and crimes against humanity.

b. Carry out an urgent and direct military operation to break the sectarian, racial, unjust siege imposed on Fallujah and other Iraqi cities by the sectarian government army and militias, and to liberate these cities from the domination of the sectarian government militia (claims to be Islamic while it’s not), in order to thwart Iranian terrorist expansion plot aiming to avenge the people of these cities and obliterate their Islamic Arab identity. The insistence of this suspicious political process’s Prime Minister in his statements and declarations to involve the so-called (the popular crowd) in the military operations to liberate the occupied Iraqi cities, is only role shifting to enable the sectarian militants occupying these besieged cities – and other cities –  carrying out their crimes.

c. Carry out a comprehensive, urgent and direct military operation to liberate Iraq entirely – as it represents the Eastern Gate of the Arab Land – by abolishing the suspicious political process that is loyal to Tehran’s mullahs regime (the terror patron in Iraq, region and the world); expulsion of the sectarian army with terrorist and criminal government militias; and replacing them with a national political process acceptable to the people of Iraqi, Arabs, Muslims and the international community, and to establish an Iraqi national army with a correct and moderate doctrine to protect the Arabic and Islamic identity of Iraq, its unity, stability and the international interests therein.


Second. The need for the international community to correct its double-standard in fighting against terrorism in one hand, and supporting the suspicious political process in Baghdad politically, militarily and economically in another hand, knowing that it is in fact a terrorist, criminal political process.


Third. We call on our Iraqi people, Arabs, Muslims and the international community not to be deceived by the suspicious political process in creating a pre-paid, false political demonstrations to be shown as they are real, spontaneous, popular demonstrations demanding for reforms. After the change of balance has become clear in political and military power regionally and globally. Their disillusioned ambition in this deceptive maneuver is to ride the wave of political change that they – and their masters in Tehran’s regime – fear.


With Regards.
Leadership of Naqshbandi Army
March 30th 2016.