American Muslim: Freedom, Faith, Fear (Part 1)

In this video two journalists travel across America to see how Muslims are being treated ten years after 9/11. They start in NYC, then go to Carni, Indiana, Houston & Dallas, Texas, and Orange County, California.

There is no doubt that Islamophobia is growing rampant in the USA.  The bigotry and disrespect for Muslims has escalated to a point where those who love to hate equate Islam with terrorism and Muslims as undesirables. All of this bigotry comes from the political machine in Washington, a zionist congress and Senate whose members spew their poison into the ears of the ignorant citizens in the USA to incite violence, discrimination and bigotry against Muslims at all levels of society.

Islamophobia is the new tool to destroy a religion which stands against the Capitalist system and stands in the way of Western Zionist domination of oil rich Muslim nations. All of the hate mongering is really a method to destroy a religion and Peoples who still believe in the ONE GOD that the West has forced out of their own societies and replaced with secularism which is satanic at its core.  The whole plan is to create a “clash of civilizations” to trigger WW3 and impose the new world order of satan upon the face of Earth. GOD is NOT a bigot. GOD wants people to live in harmony and coexist with one another. Nevertheless the Zionist machine will not stop until the clash takes place.  They will continue to harass and abuse Muslims worldwide until the fire is so out of control that it destroys everyone.

Advocates for Peace and Social Justice works towards peace between Peoples. It seeks to promote peace and calls for an end to all wars as its’ prime directive. Muslims and non-Muslims can coexist in peace if the illegal wars, occupations, abuse, torture, bigotry and demonizing of Muslims stops being the top priority of the Congress and Senate of the USA.

Muslims in America want to live in peace, pray in peace and earn their living like everyone else. They are NOT terrorists and they should not be expected to love what the USA is doing to Muslims in the Arabian Peninsula and world wide.

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