Does Islam Promote Violence?

Islam is NOT a violent religion but Muslims do have the Divine Right to self defense and are therefore instructed to resist in combat those who attack them in combat. In our day, Muslims are being attacked by the Anglo-West day and night so the Muslims have the RIGHT to defend themselves by all means until the aggressors are conquered or they choose to stop their aggression. The teaching you will hear in this video is 100% correct. Muslims must resist (fight) until the aggressors stop their aggression and once the aggressors stop the Muslims must also stop. In today’s combat theater the Muslims are under brutal attack by the Anglo-West and they must defend themselves (i.e. resist, fight in combat) until the aggressors are either dead or voluntarily stop their aggression. There is NO sin in resistance in the eyes of GOD. If the Anglo-West doesn’t want its violence and terrorism against the Muslim world to be met by RESISTANCE from the Muslim world then it must STOP its terrorism against the Muslims. Short of that the Muslims will continue to RESIST Anglo-Western terrorism to the bitter end. Islam is the middle path. It is neither all peace or all war but rather, a balance of the two. If Muslims are attacked they must repell the attackers until they are either dead or stop the attacks on Muslims. Very simple really.

Migna Khan
Director of Advocates for Peace and Social Justice

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