Ibrahim Ebeid: Just a thought from a Christian Arab

Just a thought from a Christian Arab
Ibrahim Ebeid

Islam, since its inception was an integrated part of the Arabs. The Arabs were its essence and substance. The Holy Quran was delivered in Arabic and the Banner of Islam was entrusted to the Arabs in the person of the Prophet Muhammad. ( saaw) Islam became the guiding light that motivated our unity and the catalyst of our glorious state that our ancestors built.

The Prophet was the first to reveal to us the integrated relation between Islam and Arabism. He said, according to Abul Qasim At-Tabrani, ” If the Arabs were revered and strong then Islam is revered and strong and if the Arabs were humiliated then Islam is humiliated.”

Caliph Omar Ibn Al-Khattab considered the Arabs to be the “substance” of Islam and he ordered his deputies not to flog the Arabs lest they be humiliated. Indeed, our ancestors understood this genuine integrated relation between Islam and Arabism and for this reason the Christian Arab tribes joined the Arab Muslims in the fight of liberation against the Romans and against the Persians. etc

When Al- Hurmuzan , the Persian leader, was defeated in the battle of al-Ahwaz and brought to Omar in Al-Madina, Al Hurmuzan said to Calif Omar “When God was not with you nor with us we have defeated you. “But Omar was quick to answer” You have defeated us in Asr Al Jahiliyah because you were united and we were divided.”

Almanazirah of Iraq and many Christian Arabs from Syria fought against the Persians in the battle of Al-Qadisiyah. Jublat Ibn Al-Ayham, a Christian Arab king in Palestine, fought against the Romans and took part in the liberation of Jerusalem. Patriarch Ya’qoub Sophoronius welcomed Omar to Al-Quds and adorned him with the key of the city. Theref.ore the victory was achieved as a result of political and nationalist ideological unity among the Arabs of all faiths and believes.

Now we are divided, ignorance is overwhelming in our land; we have ignored the most important struggle for unity and liberation to make the Arabs revered and strong. During the Islamic Arab State, Science Medicine, Physics, Math, Philosophy, astronomy were advanced, Baghdad was the center of learning. Can we restore the glory of Baghdad and restore our place in the World? Yes we can if we follow the path of our ancestors.

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