Police Brutality: Anaheim, CA – 7/22/12

Please notice that the protestors are not being confrontational or threatening the Police in any way and that they are “unarmed” and the shooting is being done by the Police. Here is the reason why the tyrant government wants to disarm everyone in the USA. They want the Police to be the bearers of the weapons to be feared by the sheeple. The agenda to disarm We the People is moving forward. The tyrant will stop at nothing to make sure that We the Sheeple cannot shoot back when we are shot at by Police during protests or other Police State round ups. The system wants YOU and me scared to death of guns so you voluntarily surrender your 2d Amendment right, but they get to carry the fire and we are the targets. To achieve that objective they will stop at nothing. This is why we are hearing about people shooting up movie theaters. It gives them an excuse to pass anti-gun legislation which shreds the 2d Amendment. In this nation we no longer know truth from falsehood but we can be certain that things have a purpose for happening. Whether it is by design or by some mentally deranged person it all boils down to us having NO guns and the Police State having ALL the guns.

A people disarmed is an enslaved people.

The situation which you are about to see in this video clip is nothing less than fascist brutality unleashed. All of the Police officers involved in this scenario should be fired without pension and made to serve jail time but that is NOT what will happen. Far from that they will be coddled by the system.


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