Cops strip Search Mom “forcibly” removing Tampon


The horror stories just keep rolling in. Can anyone have imagined that cops would do such a vile and reprehensible thing? To put a gun to someone’s head for allegedly rolling through a stop sign and then strip the person on the street with the children witnessing that aggression has NO forgiveness. Things like this keep happening because our nation has become a fascist monster terrorizing its citizen/slaves with psychopaths, sociopaths and perverts dressed in police uniform who salivate at the idea of pulling off a stunt like this.

This was a blatant act of police terrorism. A heinous assault on the dignity of the victim and a crime against her person that should be prosecuted by law but the ‘rule of law’ is dead and instead of punishment the perpetrators are patted on the back. A lawsuit against the police department is definitely in order but is NOT nearly enough to compensate for the sheer terror and humiliation that women was forced to endure. It can never erase the trauma to her children who had to sit helpless while they saw their mother violated. When police start to strip women naked and pull out tampons it is time to start talking about some serious jail time.  Good grief all of that abuse for rolling over a stop sign. Would do they have done if she had accidentally run a red light ?

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