Unarmed Innocent Man is Murdered by Police

This one is for ALL of you who just love to give the Police more power to abuse at the same time that you kiss the hind end of politicians too collect and abolish guns. I want you to look at what has happened in this video and curse yourselves for being the MORONS that you are. The situation here was that a Hispanic couple were exiting a movie theater with their teenage daughter. There was a brief argument wherein the mother slapped the daughter for telling lies. The father was attempting to calm his wife down when 5 cops arrived, assaulted the man and beat him to death. He was unarmed. The police said that he didn’t give them ID and now he is dead.

How many times have I warned you that putting all the guns and power in the hands of the Police was a disaster? How many times have I told you that the Second Amendment is the only thing that protects you from government tyranny? Congratulations MORONS you got what you asked for but I am not on board for police terrorism and murder on the streets. I am not on board for a totalitarian police state. Pieces of filth go back and beat the doors of the same politicians whose hind ends you kissed and tell them to put a leash on the police or they are in for a hell of a time. YOU created a monster and YOU should be the same ones to bring it down.

The full story can be found:

Migna Khan
Executive Director
Advocates for Peace and Social Justice

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