Chip Tatum: CIA Executive Agent – Presidential Secrets

I have not had the honor of meeting Chip Tatum in person but I send him blessings and a kiss of respect for having come forward with the truth that the 1% criminal class did not want “We the People” to know. Chip Tatum is a 25 year veteran of the CIA who served his country faithfully but his service was not returned with favor from his country. He was put into prison for speaking the truth.

What Chip Tatum says in this video will open the eyes of many who are sleeping in apathy and not mindful of the crimes being committed by our corrupt government.  To my knowledge, Tatum is the only one that has dared to directly link a president of the USA to murder. He is alive by the Grace of GOD and due to steps taken to protect himself and family. I urge you to listen and share this video far and wide.

I take this opportunity to also send my love and blessings to ALL the patriotic men/women in the CIA -and other agencies- who have the bravery to do what is right by exposing the crimes of our criminal government. I encourage all of them to follow the example of Chip Tatum and others who have paid the price to protect our nation from enemies DOMESTIC and foreign.

Migna Khan
Executive Director 

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