Psywar – Documentary

The definition of Psyops in the Department of Defense US Army Field Manual 33-I is as follows:

Psyops: “Psychological Operations”
“Any form of communication in support of objectives designed to influence the opinion, emotions, attitudes or behavior of any group to benefit the sponsor, either directly or indirectly.”

Very few things happen by accident in our world. Almost everything we see, hear and feel are the result of social engineering by the 1% robber class. They control our minds through television, movies, Zionist controlled news, magazines, newspapers and all forms of media. They terrorize us with false flag violence to get us to say yes to war or no to guns. Every aspect of our lives is influenced by their emotional and mental manipulation of “We the People”.

This documentary examines the background of propaganda in the United States and its relationship to Public Relations. It explains the relationship between war, propaganda and social class.

Most people have lost the ability to think critically and cannot see through the lies they are being fed by the government and media to “manufacture” consent from the poor class to do whatever they want. It is a Machiavellian spell they cast over the eyes of the ignorant to get them to respond in the favorable way that suits that robber class. We must learn to see through the LIES in order to understand what is happening around us. Psyops are a weapon used to get us to do things that are not good for us and/or to create war and hatred to produce maximum profits for the robber class. The military industrial complex creates the psyops to influence us in many ways.

We cannot effectively overturn their evil without understanding how they think and work. Open you minds and start to question everything. Open your eyes and stop believing the lies.

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