Ibrahim Ebeid: The War Against Palestine and Iraq

From my memoirs-archives

The war against Palestine and Iraq
By Ibrahim Ebeid
July 15, 2006

As the war on Iraq and Palestine rages on, the killing of Iraqis and Palestinians continue to proliferate with no end in sight. One might wonder if these coordinated attacks were no other than a war of terror and genocide against the Arab Nation?
As a person who was born in Palestine, before the creation of the Zionist state, I was observing the racist acts of the West unfolding against my own country, Palestine. I did not read about the West and its hostile attitude towards the Arabs in books or newspapers, I have seen it and lived it for many decades.

The West never stopped conspiring against the Palestinian people and against the Arab nation. The Sykes-Picot Agreement was the beginning of the Arab sufferings and the loss of Palestine.

The area, since First World War became in turmoil, divided and ripped apart. A strange
entity was created in our midst, in Palestine, to prevent our independence in a united Arab homeland and to deprive us from progress. The West was responsible for a disaster that was forced over nine million Palestinians (now) to become refugees scattered around the World, most of these refugees have lived in miserable camps for six decades without basic facilities for a decent life while racist foreign settlers live in our homes and lands.
I believe that one of the main reasons Iraq was attacked and occupied was to satisfy and protect the illegal entity, “Israel”. The Iraqi regime of the Ba’ath was very committed to the principles of the Palestinian cause, and to its liberation. For this reason Iraq had to be attacked, destroyed and occupied.

The United States never showed any sympathy towards the Palestinians. When the Zionists attacked Ramallah and blockaded Yasser Arafat, in the administrative building of Ramallah district, known as al Moqata’a, destroying the entire compound, President George W. Bush, raced to justify this abominable act as a legitimate one, “Israel has the right to defend itself”, he proclaimed.

The United States aggression on Iraq is very similar to that of the Zionists on Palestine. The United States brought Iraq to ruins, and replaced its legitimate government with a sectarian one. Thousands of Iraqis are being arrested and over two millions were killed, either by the deadly blockade (1990-2003), or by the war and the invasion. Scores of Iraqis are being kidnapped, tortured and killed every day by the death squads of the sectarian government and by the occupation forces. Iraq never experienced such a state before until Bush “liberated” it.

The vicious attacks against the Palestinians who are living in Iraq continue, more than 55 Palestinians were kidnapped and killed so far by the “Iraqi” police and by the sectarian militia, the Badr Brigades. The latest incident took place on June 28, 2006, when five Palestinians were killed. The sectarian militia arrested Adnan Safwat Ibrahim 67, a schoolteacher, at an inspection barrier. His body with other two men was found two days later in the Morgue. He was tortured with acid and the marks were visible on his face and body.

Four Palestinian brothers and their Iraqi brother in law went to the Al-Kindi Hospital in Baghdad to collect the body of their brother who was killed by the militia. The five persons were kidnapped and killed, too. Many people do not dare to claim their dead. If they do, their fate would not be different from those kidnapped, tortured and killed.
In Palestine, the Zionist forces are systemically destroying the homes of the Palestinians, confiscating their lands and raining them with missiles that kill children, women, men and animals alike.

The attack on Gaza, destroying bridges, electric power and water plants is very similar to that against the Iraqis. Now the Palestinians in Gaza are left with no water, no electricity, no food and no medicine exactly like their brethren in Iraq. While I was writing this article bombs were falling all over Gaza, the most populated area in the World. The Zionist government and its supporters have no consideration to human life and especially when it comes to Arabs.

Destroying governmental buildings, Ministry of Interior and other vital facilities, kidnapping members of the Legislative Assembly and eight ministers of the legitimate elected government in Ramallah and Gaza are terrorist acts that the whole World must condemn. But President Bush justifies such crimes because “Israel has the right to defend itself”. Supporting such acts is terrorism and terrorism must not be condoned. These attacks and the blockade are aimed as obliterating the hopes of the Palestinians and lead them to desperation and hopelessness.

Is the attack on the Palestinians intended to achieve democracy and spread it in the Arab World?

If democracy is this bloody and genocidal then we vehemently reject it and our people will continue their fight by all means to rid themselves off such “democracy”.

Or is it intended to replace the elected government with another one tamed and tailored to fit US and Zionist taste?

The Zionist artillery attacks, air bombing of Gaza City and Gaza Strip by American-made weapons and planes, combined with deadly embargo and strangulation of the Palestinian people, are indeed acts of genocide.

The Palestinian children are deprived of their daily bread; they are deprived of medicine, milk and nourishment. They are starving from the embargo forced upon them by the Zionists, the United States and the European Union. They are facing the same fate of the half million Iraqi children who perished under the deadly Embargo.

Is the “price worth it”?

In the words of President George W. Bush and the Western Leaders, the “price is worth it” because “Israel has the right to defend itself”!

The Gaza children are living in fear and terror, fear is reflected on their faces as I have seen it in some of the photos published in some Arabic newspapers. I looked at these pictures and cried and wished I was among my people in these difficult days to share their grief, fear suffering, and hopes.

The Palestinians and other Arabs will continue the fight to restore their land and until all the refugees go back to their homes, villages, towns and cities, they will not calm down. We are witnessing the pioneers in Iraq and in Palestine.

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