Ibrahim Ebeid: 11/2/17 A Day No Arab Should Ever Forget

November 2, 1917- A Day No Arab Should Ever Forget

We will never forget the grand betrayal of the Western powers to our cause of Unity and Liberation. Without Arab help and support the West wouldn’t had achieved victory against the Ottomans. As soon as First World War ended a secret agreement between Britain and France, known as Sykes-Picot, to divide the Arab homeland into mini states under their Imperialist domination was revealed by the Bolshevik revolution in Russia.

This notorious Sykes-Picot agreement (15 May 1916) was struck as a prelude to facilitate the creation of the Zionist state in Palestine at the Arab expense. The Balfour Declaration granting a National Home in Palestine to the Zionist movement followed a year and a half later, 2 November 1917. For this reason Palestine was carved out of Syria and put under the British Mandate.

The Balfour Declaration had treated Palestine, as it was a piece of real estate owned by Britain and granted it to the Zionists. It referred to the Arabs of Palestine who comprised 92% of the population as “non Jewish communities of Palestine”, this intended to give a false impression that the Arabs of Palestine were an insignificant minority occupying a position subordinate to the Zionists.

The Arabs were able to diagnose the malicious intention of the British government and understood the real danger behind such a declaration, robbing them from their land and secure it for the Zionists.

Palestine was victimized and partitioned furthermore in 1947. The USSR and US played leading roles in bringing about a vote favorable to the usurpation of our land. Unauthorized US nationals and organizations, including members of Congress, notably in the closing days of the General Assembly, brought pressure on various foreign delegates and their home governments to induce them to support the US attitude on the Palestine Question.

US Ambassador to the UN, Warren Austin, had opposed his country’s position on Palestine. He could not comprehend “how it was possible to carve out of an area already too small for a state a still smaller state. He thought it was certain that such a state would have to defend itself with bayonets forever, until extinguished in blood. The Arabs, he said, would never be willing to have such a small state in their heart”.

Mr. Warren Austin was right. The Arabs will not tolerate such a settler colonialist state in their midst. The Western powers and their Zionist allies terrorized the Palestinians and forced them into exile. Injustice will not survive. The Palestinian fighters will continue their struggle by all means necessary to secure the total liberation of Palestine and for the Return of the Palestinian people to their villages, towns and cities and homes.



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