Ibrahim Ebeid: The Usurpation of Palestine, A British Design

The Usurpation of Palestine, a British Design
Ibrahim Ebeid
April 15, 2014

Anywhere and at any price was the aim of the Zionist movement to have a Jewish state, many places were suggested beside Palestine. Among those suggested were Argentina, Uganda, Cyprus , Russia and others .

Then last week, Bahrain and Al-Hassa were revealed by the British Library to be another place suggested to be a Jewish entity. The British ambassador to France, lord Francis Bertie received a letter dated September 12, 1917 with an old request from Dr. M.L Rothestine, a Russian Jewish doctor living in France requesting the help of establishing a Jewish State. He asked the British government to send 30,000 British troops to conquer Bahrain then Al-Hasa, which was under the Ottoman rule. The Russian Doctor suggested that he will assemble a Jewish fighting force made of 120,000 men to join the British troops to occupy the designated area to establish a Jewish state. He said it would be close to reality when the first 1000 men arrived to the area. The request was rejected a month before Balfour declared his agreement to grant Palestine a Jewish homeland .

Why all other places were rejected and only Palestine was chosen? Is it because of the myth that God gave the promised land to the Jews? if so, then what kind of god was he? Was he a real estate man? Or was he a prejudice god? If god’s promise was to the old Jews who were known as Hebrews? Then who were the Hebrews? Weren’t they the sons of Abraham as the Bible claims? Who was Abraham? Wasn’t he a Chaldean from Ur of Chaldea? These “facts” prove to us that the old Hebrews were indeed Chaldeans and the present Jews have no relation to Abraham and they are not his descendents. The Chaldeans are old Arab tribes originated from Arabia and we are the promised people, and the promised land is ours not the modern Jews who are Europeans and have no relation with Semitic people.

The reason the British and the West decided to usurp Palestine and grant it to the Jews was to get rid of them, not to solve the Jewish problem that they created.. We Arabs did not persecute the Jews , the West did. They should have protected and admitted them back to the countries of their origin instead of expelling the Palestinians and usurp their Homeland.


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