Things happen very quickly in the Zionist Nazi controlled United States of America. Just a couple of days ago the White House Press Secretary openly stated that Assad did NOT carry out the gas attacks on his People. Hear this declaration at:

The entire world heard those words yet, immediately afterwards, Obama declared that a military strike was absolutely necessary to remove Assad on the bogus claim that he used poisoned gas against his People. At the time Obama made this intention known he displayed an enormous amount of arrogance and hubris in spite of the fact that he has NO international support. The Plan was that the USA together with the UK and France would attack Syria to “punish” Assad. Much to Obama’s surprise the Plan was killed resoundingly in the UK and he lost a major ally in this war crime coalition. France said that it would join the USA ONLY if there was approval. Effectively Obama was left on his own and had to move to Plan B.

Having failed to garner the desired international support Obama moved to get approval from the Congress and Senate to carry out this war crime. Amazing how the Zionist Nazi Neo-Cons revive the Constitution for their nefarious needs using it like a prostitute on whim while deconstructing it when it comes to the rights and freedoms of “We the People”. Amazing how the ‘bought and paid for’ Congress and Senate went into a frenzy to authorize what is a violation of international law. They did not stop to consider the consequences of their rush to murder Syrians.

Russia and China have made it clear that they will not stand for an attack on Syria. If Obama makes the move there are many consequences on the horizon. The entire world will be affected. The United States will pay heavily for its hubris. The stage for World War III has been set and once the genie comes out there is no turning back.

Who is the Obama Regime to punish anyone? The United States is guilty of a mountain of human rights abuses, international law violations and war crimes itself. Who made the United States the owner of the world?

The People of Syria, Iraq, Libya and Afghanistan do NOT deserve the devastation that is taking place. Like everyone else they want to live in peace and be free to live their lives without bombs and missiles falling upon them but, unfortunately, they live in a region where the oil assets are. The Zionist Nazi Neo-Cons in the United States want to control the oil and make the entire world grovel at its feet for it. To that psychopathic and narcissistic end they have pulled out all the stops. They are willing to self destruct to achieve that goal.

The second reason is that the Zionist agenda is all about “israel” and its glorification. Colonizing the Arabian Peninsula, Afghanistan and ultimately Iran would give “israel” the expansion it so murderously craves. Then what? Then my friends comes the destruction of the West.

Do not think that they will leave their own nation in peace. They have already prepared to implement martial law and actually purchased mountains of bullets and thousands of guillotines to ‘rehabilitate’ the Sheeple. They have purchased hundreds of thousands of coffins as well. Those who will not ‘rehabilitate’ are sent to the coffin. Nobody escapes from the concentration camps that the dark lord (Richard Cheney) has renovated. Yes he actually renovated the concentration camps that were used to constrain the Japanese living in the USA during WWII. Who for you ask? For YOU and every law abiding American citizen. That is the reason why there is such a frenzy about collecting guns in America. They know that if the People are armed they will not go willingly to the camps and there will be wide resistance so they are disarming ahead of time.

The People of the United States are headed for a catastrophe that will make Hitler’s Germany look like a picnic yet they cannot see the forest for the trees. They are literally drowning in ignorance and completely distracted by the sports and trash on television. They can’t see the lies for what they are. The few intellectuals who are awake are drowned out by the ignorant walking the streets who believe the government lies without question.

In order to justify the attack the Obama regime has been using the House of Saud in Saudi Arabia to terrorize the world. The Saudis control a hoard of ‘bought and paid for’ mercenaries who are FAKE Islamic resistance. Prince Bandar goes around the capitals of the world threatening heads of state with terror attacks from his mercenaries in order to get them to acquiesce to the will of the Zionist USA and the United States, UK and “israel” supply those mercenaries with guns, ammunition and chemical weapons to do the dirty work. These mercenaries have NOTHING to do with the legitimate Islamic resistance. They simply exist to carry out false flag terror operations around the world to frame the legitimate resistance and black mail world leaders who refuse to sign up to the Zionist program. The Obama regime is actually the hand behind the mercenaries who carried out the gas attack which his Press Secretary said Assad did not do and then used the attack to justify a military strike on Syria based on a complete lie.

This decision that Obama has made to ‘go it alone’ regardless of the lack of international support, the clear opposition of Russia and China, the clear disregard of the many activists who have voiced their opposition and the fact that the USA must borrow money to prosecute that war crime only leads to death.

Advocates for Peace and Social Justice vehemently condemns any attacks on Syria. The Obama regime does NOT represent “We the People” and is therefore acting outside of the law. The government of the United States of America does NOT have the right to punish anyone. The law of the land clearly states that no act of war should take place without just cause. The People of Syria are NOT posing a threat to the USA. They have not flown drowns and rained missiles on America’s cities. There is NO reason to attack Syria under domestic or international law and to do so is a violation of international law, human rights and the rule of law. These attacks will likely trigger a world war. People everywhere will die. Advocates for Peace and Social Justice cannot give support to this war crime which only benefits the banksters on Wall Street and the Zionist Nazi fascist agenda for world domination.

Advocates for Peace and Social Justice vehemently condemns all acts of unwarranted, falsified and illegal aggression on sovereign nations that have not (and do not) pose a threat to the United States of America.

May GOD have mercy on all the innocents on the planet who will be fatally affected by the consequences that will come about as a the result of the illegal actions of the Obama regime.

Migna Khan
Executive Director
Advocates for Peace and Social Justice

Published at:
The Hudson Reporter

The Jersey City Independent

The NJ Record

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