JULY 14, 2012 

The First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution guarantees freedom of religion, freedom of expression (including speech, press, assembly, association, and belief), and freedom to petition the government for a redress of grievances.

The behavior of Police in New York City, and elsewhere around the nation, towards the protesters at Occupy Wall Street encampments has been nothing short of total brutality and perverseness. The Police have harassed, provoked, beaten and injured many without any cause whatsoever. Protestors who stand in place chanting out protest or march around the streets exercising their 1st Amendment Right have been subjected to extreme abuse which included handcuffing arrested protestors to seats on buses and leaving them there without access to a bathroom, food or water for many hours before being processed at central booking stations. Far too many people who were just bystanders have been maced, manhandled and injured by Police for no reason whatsoever.

Shamefully that has been the scenario that has repeated itself over and over at protests across the USA leaving the protesters damaged with no way to get justice from the legal system against their aggressors. It is tragic that our nation has come to the point of the legal system rewarding psychopathic and sociopathic behavior by Police against those who exercise their 1st Amendment Right to free speech and assembly.

We the People have the Constitutional Right to petition our government for redress of grievances without government retaliation but thanks to our ‘bought and paid for’ Congress and Senate the Constitution has been made irrelevant to convert our “right” into a “crime”.

Advocates for Peace and Social Justice categorically stands against police brutality. The solution to the problems in our nation is not to have the 99% terrorized by the 1%. A grievance cannot be jailed away. An idea cannot be  silenced with brutality. The solution to the grievances of the 99% is found in changing the system to redistribute the wealth and give everyone opportunities and to hold those who do wrong accountable by law (regardless of their wealth, political influence or social standing). The consequence of failing to do these things is, by necessity, civil strife and revolution. When We the People are oppressed in exercising our 1st Amendment then solution is the 2d Amendment.

The 1% are running wild launching illegal wars, stealing money from everyone by fraud, foreclosing homes, creating homelessness with a stagnant economy which is rigged to benefit only the 1%. They have destroyed manufacturing in the nation and made We the People dependent on imports. They removed every job they possibly could overseas and the banks are imprisoning students who graduate and cannot make payments on student loans because there are NO jobs with decent wages. A job at McDonalds or Walmart does not allow a person to pay for necessities and high premium student loans. The 1% are getting away with all these crimes and injustices because they give millions of dollars to the Police. In effect, the Police (and the Courts) have become their hired servants.

Advocates for Peace and Social Justice denounces the heinous marriage of corporations to the Government and using the Police as hired mercenaries. Such a union is FASCIST and leads only to the destruction of our society and nation.

Advocates for Peace and Social Justice calls upon every citizen to raise their voice and decry Police brutality every minute of every day. We must not cower in fear and allow these abuses and atrocities to continue. Rise up as lions and tell the 1% that “We the People” will NOT allow them to take away our 1st Amendment right and make slaves of us.

Advocates for Peace and Social Justice calls upon the Congress and Senate to STOP betraying We the People with its passing of legislation that shreds our 1st Amendment Right, Civil Rights and Human Rights. SHAME ON THEM ALL !  TRAITORS !!

Migna Khan
Executive Director
Advocates for Peace and Social Justice

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