APSJ Executive Director Addresses Jersey City Town Council Re: Homeless 8/22/12

On August 22, 2012 Migna Khan, the Executive Director of Advocates for Peace and Social Justice, addressed the Jersey City Town Council regarding the homeless situation in Jersey City, New Jersey. The problem of homeless is rampant and needs immediate attention.

The video is lengthy. For those who wish to fast forward it is advised to move the slider to the middle of the bar. You will see Migna Khan dressed in white wearing a black veil and be able to listen to her words from that point.

Advocates for Peace and Social Justice thanks the Jersey City Independent, the Hudson County News, New Jersey In Focus, and Outside.In.Com for publishing the letter submitted to the Council. Thanks is also sent to the Hudson Reporter who will be publishing the letter this weekend in two parts in the newspaper edition and also online at its website.

It is the hope and prayer of Advocates for Peace and Social Justice that immediate attention be given to this matter by Jersey City officials and it promises to not stop advocating for the benefit of the homeless until relief becomes manifest.

Please click on the link below to watch the video referenced above.


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